The Flash Co-Star Admits Ezra Miller Controversy Has Been Difficult To Watch

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Ezra Miller, The Flash, Kiersey Clemons

One co-star in The Flash admitted that seeing all the controversies surrounding the film's lead, Ezra Miller, has been difficult to watch.

Over the last year alone, Miller has been embroiled in multiple controversies, such as being arrested in Hawaii for harassment and other abnormal behavior and allegations. While most of these accusations have either gone nowhere or later dropped, one incident did reach the headlines again. Miller recently pleaded guilty to one charge of unlawful trespassing into the home of a former childhood friend. 

Previously, the actor apologized for their behavior and admitted themselves for help. This is soomething that appears to have succeeded in helping secure their future as Barry Allen in the DCU.

Now, one co-star of The Flash expressed hope that, despite these troubling headlines, fans will still enjoy the film.

Iris West Star Comments on Controversies Around Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller, Kiersey Clemons

The Flash co-star Kiersey Clemons, who will reprise her role as Iris West, was recently asked by The Hollywood Reporter what she thought of DC Studios Co-CEO James Gunn's recent compliment about the upcoming superhero movie, leading to her defense of co-star Ezra Miller.

Previously, Gunn called the upcoming The Flash movie "probably one of the greatest superhero movies ever made."

Clemons was flattered by it, noting, "I did, and he said very nice things." She continued by saying, "Despite everything, we had a really great time filming" and "I hope that despite [all the headlines], people really enjoy the movie:"

“I had a great time. I’ve known Ezra for years and I loved working with Andy. Despite everything, we had a really great time filming and we did make a really great movie. I hope that despite [all the headlines], people really enjoy the movie because what James said is true. I believe what he said and I think it’s absolutely correct.”

When asked to elaborate on what it had been like to read those headlines about her co-star, Ezra Miller, she said it's been "absolutely" tough and that "it's really unfair" for Miller:

“...and what people forget is that a lot of people go through that but they don’t do it with the whole world watching. Although it comes with the territory, it’s really unfair and has been hard watching that.”

Despite the controversies surrounding The Flash and its lead, Clemons was eager for fans to see it; and while she's only seen "a little bit" of the finished film, she reaffirmed that "it looks great."

How Long Will Ezra Miller Headlines Last?

It's incredible the small attention span most people have regarding scandals surrounding actors when they don't remain in the news cycle for more than a week. However, most of Ezra Miller's misconduct has either been resolved through the court, dropped, or hasn't seen any further development.

Similar to Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa, neither DC Studios CEO has confirmed who will be staying or going in the new DCU. This leaves Miller's fate in the balance, but considering how much James Gunn praised The Flash, the actor's departure from the franchise may not be as certain as fans expected.

Fans will likely know if Miller will have a future in the franchise by the time The Flash is released in theaters on June 16.

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