Will Warner Bros. Cancel The Flash Movie Next?

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To say it has been a turbulent last couple of years for Warner Bros. and the DCEU would be quite an understatement. After a few rocky releases that led to the franchise never really getting its footing, the studios - along with the whole world - had to deal with the challenges of a worldwide pandemic. Now, everything should be smooth sailing with films like The Flash supposedly set to get the franchise back on track in 2023. 

But as of late, The Flash's release has felt a little up in the air. After months of controversy surrounding the film's star, Ezra Miller, many have asked the question if WB would ever consider canceling the project. 

But now, after recent news of the upcoming Batgirl movie being canned, the idea of a Flash cancellation seems more real than ever. 

Could Warner Bros. Cancel The Flash?

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With the reported cancellation of Batgirl by Warner Bros., fans are wondering if next year's The Flash starring Ezra Miller could be next on the chopping block. 

The Ankler's Jeff Snieder responded to fans who were questioning why Batgirl was put on ice amidst rumors about The Flash by saying that " it’s about the movie, not the stars," stating that WB is not "shelving The Flash:"

"Because it’s about the movie, not the stars. They aren’t shelving The Flash. Stop it."

Steven Weintraub from Collider came down on the same side of the argument, saying that he had "heard [Batgirl] is not good," indicating that its quality played a role in its axing:

"Heard the movie is not good and this is me being nice. I'd wager if the movie had been great or even close to good they would have released it."

Variety reported contrary to Weinraub, saying that the Batgirl cancellation was not a question of quality, but rather "the desire for the studio’s slate of DC features to be at a blockbuster scale."

But that has not stopped the DC faithful from speculating about the fortunes of The Flash. Awards Editor at We Live Entertainment Zoe Bryant tweeted in response to Batgirl's cancellation, saying "Meanwhile Ezra Miller has been assaulting people around the world" and "The Flash is still set to get a splashy theatrical premiere next summer:"

Twitter user @DCIvy asked a simple question, comparing where Batgirl and The Flash were in terms of production timeline: 

"If they can cancel a completed movie just like that why is the flash still on schedule despite the ezra miller scandal?"

@MrNiceGuy513 noted the look that this gives Warner Bros. as - in his words - they cancel "Batgirl, a movie with a POC lead" and yet won't do the same for Flash after "Ezra Miller assaults 3 women & kidnaps another:"

"So, WB/Discovery cancels Batgirl, a movie with a POC lead. 

Ezra Miller assaults 3 women & kidnaps another and is still in hiding, but WB/DC won’t cancel The Flash 

Not a good look, at all. 

Another WB/DC L"

And @comicyehu just has questions for the movie-making giant, tweeting:

"WB not cancelling The Flash after all the Ezra Miller bullshit but they cancel Batgirl????? HUH?????"

At this point, all that is out there is fan speculation, but it feels unlikely that The Flash would be wiped from the slate with the financial commitment that WB has already put into the film, being nearly double the budget of Batgirl.

Should Warner Bros. Cancel The Flash?

So the million-dollar question at this moment is - "Should WB cancel Ezra Miller's The Flash?" In light of the Batgirl axing by the studio, some would say yes, but the two movies should be thought of as totally separate circumstances. 

Batgirl met its untimely demise seemingly because Warner Bros Discovery wanted to go in a different direction and had no inclination to release movies exclusively for streaming anymore. Whether one believes that after reports from earlier this year of Batgirl supposedly moving from HBO Max to theaters, is up to them. But that is the only reason that has been given for the Leslie Grace-starring venture into Gotham. 

The Flash, on the other hand, is a totally separate story. Should it be canceled? Well, after the last few months of scandals surrounding the film's star, some fans would think so. But that has nothing to do with Batgirl. The studio has already sunk a great deal of money into The Flash, and it is exactly the kind of blockbuster tentpole the studio is looking for.

Both movies can have a reason to be scrapped. Whether the majority of fans agree with that reasoning is another thing entirely. 

As it currently stands, The Flash is set to debut in theaters on June 23, 2023. 

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