The Flash: Ezra Miller Takes Action Following Movie Cancellation Rumors

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The Flash: Ezra Miller rumors

Warner Bros. is in the middle of a difficult time with regard to its immediate future in the movie industry, particularly as it relates to its upcoming slate of projects within the DC Universe. At the center of those issues is Ezra Miller, who's been involved with an uncomfortable stream of controversy over the last few months while being the leading star in next year's The Flash.

With multiple arrests and charges of felony and domestic violence on his record, Miller is in a serious amount of trouble both in the public eye and with his employers at Warner Bros. Rumors have even indicated that the studio was at one point willing to scrap The Flash altogether if Miller couldn't get a handle on the issues that have plagued them for most of the past three years.

In the past couple of weeks, Miller's representative issues a statement on their behalf, apologizing for the negative publicity surrounding them for most of 2022. Now, with the rest of the DCEU in flux once again with its release dates, Miller has seemingly taken action to get a handle on their situation ahead of next year's blockbuster release for The Flash.

The Flash Star Meets with Warner Bros.

Flash Ezra Miller

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that The Flash star Ezra Miller has taken a meeting with Warner Bros. ahead of their solo film's release in 2023. Alongside CAA agent Scott Metzger, Miller reportedly met with Warner Bros. studio chairs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy to apologize for the controversy surrounding them in recent months and for the negative attention the studio has garnered from that.

Sources indicate that Miller promised to seek help after learning that all options were on the table for The Flash, including scrapping the movie altogether if no improvements were made. Miller allegedly didn't mind the bad headlines hurting his name, although they were upset by the idea of the film getting canceled because of their controveries, moving quickly to take action to set up the meeting with Warner Bros.

One source specifically noted that Miller "[cares] about the Flash" and that it's "one of their favorite character to play."

What Will Warner Bros. Do With The Flash?

Following the statement from Miller's representative in mid-August 2022, it seemed that things may finally be going in the right direction for the troubled actor and the studio behind their DC solo movie.

Although the latest report doesn't indicate how much remorse Miller feels for their actions, meeting with Warner Bros.' top executives will hopefully at least let them set the record straight on what's been going on. It's difficult to tell whether this will change the studio's mind about The Flash's release, although scrapping a movie with more than $200 million invested into the budget would be an incredibly tough pill to swallow.

It's unclear if or when fans will learn the results of this closed door meeting with Warner Bros., which was revealed shortly after Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Shazam!: Fury of the Gods were both delayed on the company's release schedule. The Flash hasn't changed dates yet amongst these adjustments, but all fans can do is hope for the best for Miller personally along with the fate of this movie, which has already been delayed on multiple occasions.

Currently, The Flash is still set to release in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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