Warner Bros. Preparing Worst-Case Scenario for DC’s Flash Movie Cancellation

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DCEU actor Ezra Miller has been the center of controversy in the past months, thus creating concern for the upcoming release of The Flash. Miller has been involved in a variety of public incidents, such as troubling allegations in Hawaii and problematic abuse claims in Iceland

As a result of these controversial incidents, a past report revealed that Warner Bros. had decided to call it quits with Miller's Scarlet Speedster following the movie's release in 2023. It also didn't help that the actor responded to these allegations by posting memes on Instagram, adding more fuel to the fire. 

Making matters worse, the Fantastic Beasts actor made headlines again, as they were recently charged with a count of felony burglary in Stamford, Vermont. Now, a new report has detailed the options of Warner Bros. amid the controversy surrounding Miller. 

Warner Bros. Eyeing 3 Options for The Flash's Release

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly considering three different scenarios for their approach to the release of 2023's The Flash, amid the ongoing controversy with lead star Ezra Miller.

The leading star is reported to be seeking professional help, now that their mother has joined them in Vermont. If this help proceeds, Miller would be able to provide explanations for their past behavior in a public interview, allowing them to do limited press for The Flash and for the movie to release as planned.

The second option would be for Warner Bros. to continue with the movie's release even if Miller declines to seek help. This would result in Miller playing less of a part in The Flash's marketing and promotion, and the role being recast in future DC projects.

The third possibility would be to scrap the movie's release altogether, which would be an unprecedented decision for a blockbuster of this scale. As Miller plays multiple characters in the movie and is in the majority of scenes, it would be practically impossible to reshoot.

Currently, The Flash is still set for release on June 23, 2023.

Which Option will Warner Bros. Choose for The Flash?

Based on this report, Warner Bros. has clearly had enough of the troubling controversy surrounding Ezra Miller. The fact that the studio laid down three options is already a generous move, and this simply indicates that The Flash is a vital movie on DC's slate

Among the three options, the ideal path for Miller is to seek professional help. Doing this allows the public to have a clearer understanding of their condition and it could at least attempt to get their career back on track, while mitigating the negative association currently surrounding The Flash. 

This is, of course, dependent on whether Miller decides to go down that path though. While it would be odd to see The Flash's marketing without Miller, releasing the movie and not scrapping it altogether would be a win for the remaining cast and crew.

If Miller is recast, it is unknown if the movie's ending will reveal the franchise's Scarlet Speedster or if it will be unveiled in a new solo project.

Meanwhile, the worst-case scenario, where Warner Bros. would decide to cancel the release of The Flash, would be unfortunate for the cast and crew who worked hard to create the movie. While it's understandable that reshoots are impossible at this point (due to the film's numerous delays and Miller's heavy involvement), The Flash being canceled would also force DC to find another way to explain how the franchise will be reset, considering the massive Multiversal scale of the movie. 

Whatever the case, this current debacle is already an absolute mess, and hopefully, Warner Bros. will make a decision soon to clear the air for fans. 

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