The Flash's Ezra Miller Reacts to Allegations Against Them By Posting Memes

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Ezra Miller The Flash Instagram Meme

Public image has always been an important part of being a Hollywood star, and Warner Bros. is currently struggling in that area with a number of its DC actors. Not only is the studio fighting calls for Amber Heard to be removed as Aquaman's Mera, but The Flash star Ezra Miller has stirred up their own controversy in recent months, just one year out from their solo movie's debut.

Miller was recently arrested twice in the space of only a month in Hawaii under charges of harassment and assault. A couple later filed for a restraining order against the actor after reportedly threatening to burn and kill the pair.

Just recently, the parents of 18-year-old Tokota Iron Eyes filed a complaint to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court to accuse Miller of grooming their child. The two first met when Miller was 23 years old and Iron Eyes was only 12, and the parents claim the Hollywood star used “violence, intimidation, the threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, and drugs to hold sway over” her.

At the current time, the court has been unable to locate Miller, but they have responded to the allegations by sharing memes on Instagram.

Ezra Miller Shares Memes Amid Allegations 

The Flash, Ezra Miller

The Flash actor Ezra Miller shared several memes on their Instagram story in response to allegations of grooming 18-year-old climate activist Tokota Iron Eyes when she was a minor.

According to TMZ, Iron Eyes' parents accused Miller of supplying the underage climate activist with alcohol, marijuana, and LSD, while also using violence to "hold sway" over her.

As courts reportedly try and fail to locate The Flash star, Miller has shared five memes, the first of which carries the text "you cannot touch me, I am in another universe."

Ezra Miller Allegations Instagram Memes

Another was labeled as a "message from another dimension."

Ezra Miller Allegations Instagram Memes

One depicted a person vomiting with a funny caption:

Ezra Miller Allegations Instagram Memes

Another alludes to people shocking him by causing a headache. 

Ezra Miller Allegations Instagram Memes

The last carries a much longer message that refers to being "shielded from negative people and their ill intent."

Ezra Miller Allegations Instagram Memes

Will DC Replace Ezra Miller's Flash?

With a court currently trying to track down Miller amid some serious allegations, sharing memes on social media is certainly a unique response for the actor. But perhaps they may be better off either making a more serious statement or remaining silent altogether.

As the situation surrounding Ezra Miller continues to worsen, Warner Bros. is being placed in an increasingly tough position surrounding the actor. With The Flash only a year away from speeding into theaters, the studio may well be hoping general audiences forget about the controversy before release.

After all, Warner Bros. will have a challenging time marketing The Flash and taking Miller on an interview circuit with this kind of baggage on top of them. Unfortunately, with filming complete and The Flash now in post-production, it's almost certainly too late to consider replacing the actor or scrapping the film altogether.

DC has been trying to get a film starring the fastest man alive off the ground for years now, making the situation the long-awaited product is now facing only more unfortunate. Even if The Flash proves to be a hit, as test screenings indicate it to be, Warner Bros. may well look to replace Miller for the sequel or a potential reboot.

The Flash hits theaters on June 23, 2023.

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