The Flash Movie Gets Exciting News From Test Screenings

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Ezra Miller as The Flash, Lightning City

Warner Bros.' The Flash has had its fair share of delays and controversies in the past months. The upcoming DCEU film was originally slated for a November 2022 premiere, but it was eventually pushed back to a June 2023 release instead. In addition to the delay, an unfortunate issue surrounding its lead star, Ezra Miller, has also emerged. 

The Justice League star was arrested twice in Hawaii for harassment, disorderly conduct, and a traffic violation. While Warner Bros. has yet to respond to the actor's mishap, reports indicate that the actor's future in the franchise is in jeopardy

Thankfully, as Miller's solo film is currently in post-production, a promising update about The Flash has surfaced online. 

The Flash Receives High Praise 

The Flash Movie

Variety shared that The Flash has been "extraordinarily well-received" from audiences who have watched the movie during its early test screenings in the past months. The outlet noted that this positive initial reception points to the Ezra Miller-led movie serving as a crowd-pleasing blockbuster and box office success.

Variety's sources also revealed that Warner Bros. is planning on giving the upcoming superhero movie "the full blockbuster treatment" with Ezra Miller as the lead star despite Miller's series of arrests in Hawaii since March. 

Speculation arose that the studio was considering replacing Miller with another actor via reshoots, although, as Variety notes, this decision would be impractical and prove to be far too costly.

Amid the issues surrounding Miller, the outlet shared that The Flash is not intended to be a one-off adventure. Warner Bros. is still reportedly "enthusiastic" about The Flash, with the studio believing that the film is one of DC's strongest theatrical efforts. 

Warner Bros.' Ezra Miller Dilemma Ahead of The Flash

Although Warner Bros. previously debunked rumors that the studio is considering a replacement for Ezra Miller, the actor's issues off-screen could potentially derail their future. However, if The Flash proves to be a massive hit for critics and fans, then Warner Bros. seems poised to go all-in in giving Miller a chance to return for future installments, especially after this report of the studio's "enthusiastic" response to the movie. 

Given that The Flash received an overwhelmingly positive reception from its test screenings, this update should serve as a step in the right direction when it comes to gaining momentum ahead of its release. At this point, the news cycle about the movie has been filled with Miller's unfortunate incidents in Hawaii, but this latest update should at least give fans something to hope for in the months leading to its premiere next year. 

The Flash is poised to be an important project of the DCEU, mainly due to its exploration of the Multiverse and its rumored "erasure" of the Snyderverse. The upcoming solo adventure could finally make it clear what's really going on with the franchise, and it seems that the studio is going to do whatever it takes to push the film on its successful path.  

The Flash is set to premiere in theaters on June 2, 2023. 

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