Ezra Miller Gets Arrested for the Second Time In One Month

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Ezra Miller Arrested

Ezra Miller's Legal Troubles Continue

Ezra Miller, the Flash

Hawaii News Now reported that DCEU star Ezra Miller has been arrested for a second time on the state's big island.

KITV updated the news to reveal that that the arrest came due to a complaint about a second-degree assault involving Miller. The actor is scheduled to be in court on Tuesday to enter a plea on the charges from March. 

KITV then shared that the incident took place at a home in Pahoa just after 1:00 in the morning. Miller allegedly became enraged after being asked to leave, and they then threw a chair and struck a 26-year-old woman in the ear, which caused a half-inch cut. Miller was arrested half an hour later and released at 4:00 AM pending further investigation.

This is the second incident in Hawaii involving the star behind Barry Allen, as Miller was arrested just over three weeks ago for harassing a couple in a karaoke bar. They were charged with disorderly conduct and harassment after yelling obscenities and physically assaulting other customers, and they were also accused of bursting into a couple's room, stealing some of their belongings, and threatening to kill them.

How Does This Affect Miller's Future?

As sad of a situation as it is, Ezra Miller finds themselves with yet another round of negative publicity, as they have too often over the past couple of years.

From reportedly choking a woman in Iceland in April 2020 to the first incident time they were arrested in Hawaii a few weeks ago, Miller hasn't been able to keep themselves out of difficult situations off-camera. Reports hinted that Warner Bros. was even looking at potential replacements for their role within the DCEU, although the studio denied having any meetings regarding those circumstances.

With this incident coming so soon after a different arrest for Miller, they are looking at some potentially serious repercussions for so much public controversy, which Warner Bros. is all too familiar with from other actors.

There are no signs pointing to whether Miller will face any jail time or a court date yet for this new offense, but they've put themselves in a difficult situation regardless of the results. As The Flash prepares for its long-awaited theatrical release next year, the time appears to be now for Miller to get the help they need and hopefully get their life back on track.

The Flash will debut in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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