Ezra Miller’s DC Future Gets Surprising Update Amid Controversy

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The Flash, Ezra Miller

Ezra Miller’s future in the DCU as the Flash got an unexpected update.

Last year, Ezra Miller became one of the most problematic active actors in the film industry.

The star of The Flash, and the Fantastic Beasts franchise, was arrested multiple times while in Hawaii. Additionally, he was accused of verbally assaulting locals, throwing aggressive tantrums, grooming young individuals, leading a cult, and more.

Last summer, Deadline reported that, no matter what ended up happening by the time Miller’s DCU project debuted in 2023, Warner Bros. was officially done with the actor.

However, a new report indicates that executives are now feeling a little different about the situation.

More of Ezra Miller’s Flash?

Ezra Miller as The Flash

A new report from Variety claimed that some executives at Warner Bros. are amenable to continuing with Ezra Miller as the Flash after their solo movie later this year, and into James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DCU.

The key reason for this is that the actor has, so far, stayed out of trouble since beginning mental health treatment last summer.

To Keep, or Not To Keep Ezra Miller

With everything the actor did last year alone, it’s truly hard to fathom the studio continuing with the actor. Many fans have already sworn off seeing The Flash due to not wanting to support Miller—a mentality that is probably held by a good chunk of the DCU’s audience.

It’s also hard to believe that James Gunn, who has a self-proclaimed policy of not working with assholes, would want to be involved with the actor, given all the accusations against him. Honestly, one would think the DCU’s co-lead might be quick to reboot the character like they are doing with Superman.

Both Gunn, and his partner, Peter Safran, are set to announce some new details regarding their plans in the coming weeks. Hopefully, whatever information it brings will include some answers about what the duo intends to keep and what they plan to throw out and start from scratch.

The Flash hits theaters on June 16, later this year.

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