First Poster for Michael Keaton’s Batman Return Officially Released

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Michael Keaton Batman poster

After Warner Bros. released a new trailer for The Flash at the Super Bowl, Michael Keaton took the spotlight with his first Batman poster in three decades.

Warner Bros. took its place in the Super Bowl LVII commercial line-up with a new look at June’s The Flash, with Michael Keaton’s Batman stealing the show in the new trailer.

After years of delays, countless controversial news reports, and even a major overhaul in DC’s leadership, Keaton’s comeback has fans excited to see what the DC Universe’s (DCU) Multiverse can truly bring.

The first look at Keaton in this new trailer certainly lived up to the hype as fans saw him announce himself as Batman before jumping into action against a new round of enemies.

Michael Keaton Returns as Batman

DC Comics revealed three new posters for the upcoming Warner Bros. movie, The Flash, releasing within the DC Universe.

One of these posters features Michael Keaton in his long-awaited return as Batman, marking his first appearance in a DC movie since 1992's Batman Returns.

Michael Keaton, Batman, The Flash
Warner Bros.

Ezra Miller takes their place as the movie's leading actor, with Barry Allen closing his eyes and embracing his powers as the Flash.

Ezra Miller, The Flash
Warner Bros.

Sasha Calle looks down towards the ground, as she makes her debut as Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl, with her long red cape flowing behind her.

Sasha Calle, Supergirl, The Flash
Warner Bros.

All three posters also include the tagline "Worlds collide," teasing the use of the Multiverse in the DCU's second movie of the year.

Will Keaton's Batman Help The Flash Succeed?

With this movie opening up the DCU's Multiverse for the first time in a live-action film, Michael Keaton's Batman has been the key talking point for fans, which will continue to be the case with this poster.

Even though the actor won't get to do the same stuntwork and action that he did in his prime, he still knows how to get right back into the spirit of his character, saying that coming back to the role was "like riding a bike" during production.

Keaton's take on the cape and cowl will bring back a major feeling of nostalgia thanks to his highly-regarded performances as Batman, especially as he plays a larger-than-expected role in this film alongside the Flash, Supergirl, and other DC mainstays. And seeing the actor get his own poster with two of the movie's younger leading characters, the expectations continue to build as this version of Bruce Wayne finds himself working with a new crop of heroes.

Story details still remain a mystery with a few months left until The Flash debuts, particularly the details on how the Flash and this older Batman end up in the same universe together. No matter what happens, however, there will be plenty of Caped Crusader to go around from all across the Multiverse as the story evolves.

The Flash will arrive in theaters on June 16.

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