Ben Affleck's Batman Replacement: First Casting Details Teased by DC Boss

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Some minor details about the DCU’s new Batman, played by an unknown actor who will be taking over from Ben Affleck, have hit the web following DC Studios’ co-lead James Gunn’s new slate reveals.

Among the new projects were movies for Superman, Supergirl, and The Authority; TV-wise, there were projects for Booster Gold, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman.

However, one of the most exciting parts of the announcement was the reveal of The Brave and the Bold. The movie will introduce a brand-new Bruce Wayne to the world alongside his surprise son, Damien Wayne.

Now, some brief new details on the leading Caped Crusader were revealed.

An Older Batman & Younger Superman

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Thanks to a recent report and some recent comments from DC Studios CEO James Gunn in a conversation with Collider, fans have gotten their first details about Ben Affleck's Batman actor replacement in the new DCU.

The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that the younger Clark Kent actor who will replace the 39-year-old Henry Cavill in Superman: Legacy is expected to be around 25 years old, although no casting decisions have yet been made.

This was followed by comments on the new Superman from Gunn, who revealed he will be living in a world “where superheroes exist and have existed:”

"He's working. He's a reporter. He's at the Daily Planet. Again, we're coming into a world where superheroes exist and have existed.”

Following up on that thought, suggesting that this may mean the DCU's Batman might be "a couple years older than Superman:"

“So, does that mean Batman might be a couple years older than Superman? Yes, it could be." 

Given DC Studios is searching for an actor around 25 years old to play Superman, that "couple [of] years" age difference between the two Justice League heroes indicated the next Batman actor will be in their 30s. This visible age distinction will be necessary to ensure the intended age difference is noticeable to audiences.

The Brave and the Bold will also be teaming Bruce Wayne's Batman with his biological son Damian Wayne - the fifth Robin chronologically after Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Stephanie Brown.

Damian Wayne has usually been portrayed as being around 10 years old by the time he comes into play as Robin. Assuming Bruce Wayne and Talia al Gul conceived their son when the Dark Knight was in his twenties, the new Batman makes sense to be 30 years old at an absolute minimum. 

Within DC Comics, the Caped Crusader is 40 years old when he takes in his biological son and brings him into the Robin mantle. Although DC Studios could opt for a middle-aged actor like this, they will likely opt for a star in his thirties to lead the franchise for an extended period.

A Similar but Different Batman

The most important goal for the new DCU has to be working at making this version of Batman different than the many before him. It’s safe to say that they might actually pull it off, especially if they truly plan on utilizing the Bat Family.

The group of Batman-adjacent heroes has never truly gotten the spotlight. However, the dynamics between each other and the group’s mentor in, Bruce Wayne, create a very different environment for the Dark Knight to navigate.

So, while Affleck and this new Batman will already have time under their belts, this new DCU’s Caped Crusader wider superhero family will do a lot in providing a unique experience for audiences. 

When it comes to Batman’s interactions with Superman, if the Kryptonian is only around 25 years old, as reported, then the relationship between the two could easily be much different than what fans witnessed in Zack Snyder’s films.

Batman is likely in his 30s, maybe even early 40s. If he has Damian Wayne to worry about, that almost certainly means he has already established relationships between other mentees; Robin, Red Hood, Nightwing, Batgirl, etc.

Though, there is one big question regarding the Man of Steel: has the hero met Batman in this new DCU? Or will audiences bear witness to another clash between the two as they get acquainted?

Fans will have to wait a long while to see how it unfolds. The Brave and the Bold isn’t likely to hit theaters until some point in 2025 or 2026.

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