Batgirl Star Leaks New Unseen Photos from Cancelled Movie

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Batgirl Leslie Grace suit

Fans got their best look yet at what would have been the final suit in Leslie Grace's Batgirl movie, which was canceled by Warner Bros. (WB) in 2022.

Before the DC Universe (DCU) was set for a full reboot from the ground up under new DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran, Batgirl became the first domino to fall when it hit the chopping block in August 2022. Initially meant to help explore the DC Multiverse for the first time with Grace's Barbara Gordon fighting alongside Michael Keaton's 1989 Batman, the movie would become one of WB's biggest disappointments once news revealed that it wouldn't be released.

Since then, cast and crew members have looked back on the work they completed on the unreleased outing, even going so far as to release a couple of full scenes online so that fans could see what they were in for.

Star Leslie Grace continued that trend by offering another peek into what could have been in the super-powered epic.

Batgirl Star Shows off Final Costume

On her Instagram account, Batgirl star Leslie Grace shared the best look yet at her final costume from the canceled DCU movie.

Grace posted an image of herself taking a lunch break while dressed in her final full suit from Batgirl, boasting the character's classic purple and gold color scheme. With a full purple helmet and a gold bat symbol on her chest, the costume features a full cape and intricate armor-like body along with two gold gauntlets reminiscent of DC's original Caped Crusader, Batman.

Instagram, Batgirl

For comparison, Grace also shared an image of an earlier version of her suit back in January 2022, which utilized a purple leather jacket and a darker purple take on her cowl. She also doesn't have the gauntlets on her wrists in this costume:

Batgirl, Leslie Grace
Warner Bros.

Other images of Grace's Barbara Gordon looks for the film include her in a Gotham City Police Department uniform, as her badge is prominently displayed on her left shoulder, complete with a GCPD beanie for the cold Gotham nights:

Instagram, Leslie Grace

Another had Grace wearing a full black beanie on top of a black Batgirl cowl, which presumably comes from one of her earlier costumes used in the movie:

Instagram, Leslie Grace, Batgirl

Fans got another decent look at that leather jacket looks, as Grace is seen lounging around and throwing up a "peace" sign, looking a little more comfortable with the costume unzipped:

Instagram, Leslie Grace, Batgirl

Finally, Grace is seen embracing the main villain of Batgirl, Firefly, who was played by Brendan Fraser. It's unclear whether this shot shows Fraser or his stunt double posing with Grace:

Instagram, Leslie Grace, Batgirl, Firefly

Leslie Grace Looks Back on Batgirl Experience

While Batgirl has mostly brought a great deal of sadness and disappointment due to its cancelation, Grace used these photos to help her look back on 2022 with happiness and gratitude. Getting to don a number of exciting costumes, the young actress shows just how much energy and effort she put into making her performance as Barbara Gordon the best she could, complete with an epic new suit for the movie's final moments.

This would have been the first time fans had ever seen this version of the Batgirl costume in live-action, bringing her classic comic color scheme to life alongside Michael Keaton's iconic black-and-grey getup. While it's unclear how long this new suit would have been in the film, it was set to be a look that she'd likely utilize for a future DCU that never will come to pass.

Now, fans wait for an update on if and when Batgirl will ever truly make her live-action big-screen comeback in this new era of the DCU under James Gunn and Peter Safran. Hopefully, Leslie Grace will get a shot at redemption at a future date, showing the Batgirl story that deserves to be told on the big and small screen.

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