Brendan Fraser Cast as Batman Villain in HBO Max's Batgirl Movie

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Warner Bros. certainly has plenty to work with in the world of Batman, a character the studio is continuing to put into the spotlight within the DC Extended Universe. Not only will Robert Pattinson reinvent the Caped Crusader in his March 2022 solo movie The Batman, but the studio is also bringing the first true live-action adaptation of Batgirl in an HBO Max exclusive movie sometime in the near future.

The film is still in the earliest days of development, although it boasts Ms. Marvel directors Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah at the helm and rising star Leslie Grace playing the lead role of Barbara Gordon. The Batgirl panel from DC FanDome 2021 also confirmed that Jacob Scipio will play an undisclosed co-leading role in the movie while other rumors point to J.K. Simmons reprising his role as Commissioner Jim Gordon from Justice League.

Thus far, Warner Bros. has only shown fans an exciting piece of concept art to give a tease of Batgirl’s official look within the DCEU, although her supporting cast is still coming together. In the latest round of news, an unexpected addition to the team just made its way into the world.

Brendan Fraser and DCEU Join Forces

Deadline revealed that actor Brendan Fraser has joined Warner Bros.' Batgirl movie set within the DC Extended Universe, which will premiere as an HBO Max exclusive.

The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit confirmed on Twitter shortly after that Fraser will play the movie's villain Firefly.

"Well, I stand corrected: Warner Bros. insiders say Fraser is definitely playing Firefly."

Firefly, Batgirl
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Firefly Debuting Via 90s Icon Brendan Fraser

While he's certainly had a smaller presence in the spotlight in recent years, Brendan Fraser is known as a key player in numerous 1990s action films. With memorable roles in movies like George of the Jungle and The Mummy series, the acting veteran should fit seamlessly into the DCEU's bright future.

Fraser even has experience with DC properties after playing the role of Cliff Steele in nearly every episode of Doom Patrol, which is currently streaming on HBO Max. Fans will be looking to see how his role in this show changes now that he has such a big role ahead of him within the DCEU, but it's an exciting prospect to have him take on such a large part.

As for the actual character, Firefly is known as a pyrotechnics expert turned arsonist in DC Comics, having an intense history with Batman and Robin. This should be easily transferable to the legend of Batgirl within the DCEU, and it appears that she will have a tall task ahead of her in her first solo adventure.

Batgirl is in the early stages of development for Warner Bros. within the DCEU.

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