Batgirl Movie Leak Reveals On-Screen Look at Hero (Photo)

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Batgirl Leslie Grace Jacob Scipio

The world may have its eyes trained on one particularly close Gotham-based adventure in The Batman, but another looms large on the horizon as well. Batgirl is set to debut sometime this year on HBO Max, serving as Warner Bros' way of continuing the Batman lineage in the DCEU proper. The project stars Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon, veteran DC actor Michael Keaton returning to mentor the young hero as Batman, and Jacob Scipio in an undisclosed role.

Not much is yet known about the upcoming Batgirl project, but there are a few tidbits out there for fans to chew on. The movie features Brendan Fraser as the famed Batman villain Firefly, and it will supposedly incorporate other characters from the Bat-family including Dick Grayson (aka Nightwing). 

As shooting on the project progresses in Glasgow, Scotland, the DC faithful have finally gotten the chance to see bits and pieces of what this movie is going to be, including first glimpses at the new characters in the DC epic. 

Jason Scipio on the Batgirl Set

Twitter user @Batgirlfilm unveiled a leaked frame from the upcoming Batgirl movie of Jacob Scipio's character. 

While it is still unclear who Scipio is playing in the upcoming HBO Max film, this marks the first time that fans have gotten the chance to see the actor in the film. 

See the full tweet below: 


The Curious Case of Scipio

Surely fans will be excited to see Jacob Scipio joining in on the Batgirl fun, although it still remains clear who the actor is playing in this version of Gotham. And this first look does not hint any which way at whom he may be. 

Since his casting, many have believed Scipio would be playing Barbara Gordon's love interest in the Batgirl film, but what if that role goes a little deeper than that? 

When the Bad Boys 4 Life actor was brought on to the HBO Max project, it was reported that he would be playing a co-lead alongside Leslie Grace's caped crusader. So who could he be?

Well, it has been rumored that Batgirl will feature a version of Dick Grayson (aka Robin), leading into a DCEU Nightwing spin-off. That could mean that Scipio is this universe's Boy Wonder. 

What an interesting twist for a Robin character to be romantically involved with Batman, or in this case, the Batgirl. It would also be a shake-up, as most of the time Robin is significantly younger than the Batman he serves. 

If, in fact, Scipio is playing Dick Grayson, it would be cool to see a Robin-Bat relationship that is much more peer-to-peer than mentor-to-mentee. 

It will be fascinating to find out as Batgirl is set to debut on HBO Max sometime in 2022. 

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