DC Confirms Batgirl & Zatanna On-Screen Titles, Reveals Two Dozen Superhero Logos

By Richard Nebens Updated:
DC logo Batgirl Zatanna

Warner Bros and DC are currently in the midst of developing a number of different projects for multiple franchises, both within the DCEU and through other ventures as well. Upcoming releases include blockbuster movies like James Gunn's The Suicide Squad in August alongside exciting new seasons of TV shows like Superman & Lois and Batwoman .

Although most of these releases aren't interconnected the way that a franchise like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is, the comics mogul is still working diligently to build up hype for the different franchises that house these intriguing properties. In that light, new promotional material has just released from DC's most recent big event.


Rich Greenfield took to Twitter to reveal an image that debuted at AT&T's Investor Day presentation. The image features two dozen logos for DC comics-based on-screen properties releasing in the near future, including previously unconfirmed projects like Batgirl and Zatanna .

All 24 logos can be seen in the image below:

DC Logos


Taking into account how adamant DC is about making their movie universe separate from their multiple TV universes, this is quite the interesting strategy announcing so many various projects all at the same time.

The DC Extended Universe is already confirmed to be making its way into the streaming world with James Gunn leading the way on John Cena's Peacemaker series after the August 2021 release of The Suicide Squad . However, even with this already having been confirmed, there are still some unexpected additions to this announcement.

The video game adaptation for Suicide Squad made its way into the images, as did the largely mysterious GCPD spin-off series from The Batman . There are also even lesser known entities like Super Hero High and League of Super-Pets that have their title cards amongst the crowd, which will be something DC fans will keep their eyes on intently.

It's difficult to decipher what this announcement could mean for the future of DC's media properties, although it could signal the beginnings of a more interconnected universe. While this hasn't been the company's style of storytelling in the past, the foundation is being laid out for something big in the near future, and this multimedia announcement may be a step in that direction.

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