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DC Reveals First Look at Batgirl's HBO Max Movie

Batgirl, HBO Max
By Liam Crowley

Just as Disney+ has expanded the Marvel Cinematic Universe, HBO Max is set to take the world of DC to the next level.

Over the next couple of years, Warner Bros' signature streaming service will debut live-action original shows like Peacemaker and Green Lantern Corps. The DC originals won't stop with shows, however, as a live-action Batgirl film is being developed exclusively for the streaming service.

Details on the film's plot have been kept close to the vest, but fans know In The Heights star Leslie Grace will suit up as the titular character. Commissioner Jim Gordon will reportedly feature prominently in the flick, with JK Simmons being eyed to reprise his role from 2017's Justice League.

Marvel Studios talent will contribute to Batgirl behind the scenes, as Ms. Marvel directors Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi will be directing while Loki composer Natalie Holt will provide the score.

Filming has yet to begin, but the first glimpse of the film has been revealed.

DC FanDome Debuts Batgirl Concept Art

The first glimpse at HBO Max's Batgirl has been revealed.

Batgirl HBO Max

Concept art for Leslie Grace's Barbara Gordon was showcased at DC FanDome. The image features Gordon in full cape and cowl atop a gargoyle perch. Her signature auburn locks can be seen flowing out the back of her cowl. As confirmed by directors Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi, Batgirl will have red hair in the film.

Batgirl HBO Max

Batgirl is being developed as an original film for HBO Max.

The New Dark Knight

Batgirl represents a major turning point in the trajectory of the DCEU.

Unlike Marvel Studios, who has opted to stream their original shows on Disney+ while maintaining a theatrical exclusivity for their films, Warner Bros. is making original films intended to debut on HBO Max. If successful, Batgirl could be the first of many original movies that go straight to HBO Max.

This concept art does not tell fans much more than they already know. Signature Bat-iconography like the cape, cowl, and gargoyle perch take precedence in this still, emphasizing that Batgirl will retain the key elements of what makes that character so special on the page. Fans can rest assured knowing that Leslie Grace will rock red hair, staying true to Barbara Gordon's roots. 

Batgirl is currently in development for HBO Max.

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