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Batgirl fans were put through the wringer within the last couple of weeks as it was announced that Warner Bros. would be completely shelving the Leslie Grace-led solo project. Despite being filmed and deep into post-production, the studio thought it was best to cut its losses and move in the new direction they deemed a better fit.

Sadly, this means the movie will never see the light of day. Since Warner Bros. used Batgirl’s cancelation as a tax write-off, the film legally cannot ever be released to the public—or monetized in any way. The only way the public will ever see it is if it were illegally leaked online.

It’s an awful situation for everyone involved, especially Leslie Grace, who was so excited to put on the cape and cowl. But, despite all of that, what if there was a chance she could return to the role in a future DC project?

Trying to Mend Leslie Grace's Fences

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According to a new report from Variety, it seems that while Warner Bros. cut ties with Batgirl, Leslie Grace may still be able to come back into the fold.

It's been reported that the newly appointed Warner Bros. Pictures Group chiefs Michael De Luca and Pam Adby are both hoping to heal their relations with actress Leslie Grace after the abrupt cancelation of her solo project. They are "entertaining the possibility of having her continue to play Batgirl in a future DC film," or, if that doesn't work out, at least star in another WB production.

The final choice will ultimately be up to whomever CEO David Zaslav chooses to be in charge of the DC branch.

The outlet also gave additional details about the situation when the decision was made. Batgirl had just given a disappointing screening of a "10-week director's cut" that resulted in questionable test scores––though, insiders attempted to point out that nearly all movies that early in post-production are in rough shape.

Also, the project was meant to be watched on a smaller screen, so it lacked those larger blockbuster scale set pieces. Warner Bros. could have attempted to expand the movie into a better big-screen fit, but the studio heads deemed it to be a waste of money.

But Would Warner Bros. Ever Get Grace Again?

It makes perfect sense for Warner Bros. to consider bringing Leslie Grace back for the role in another project. After all, it was just that specific movie that was canceled and not her part as Barbara Gordon.

That said, given the unprecedented sacrifice of Batgirl, it would be completely understandable if Leslie Grace had no desire to work with Warner Bros. again. After all, if they can just completely ax a project at such a late stage, nothing is safe. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if the studio started having a hard time finding talent that wanted to work for them.

But, on the slim chance that Grace does still want to come back, where could she appear? Well, it's hard to guess for sure, seeing as how nothing past The Flash seems for certain—not even Ezra Miller’s solo project is safe (thanks to him).

Maybe DC can get a film off the ground about the Bat Family. Bring Michael Keaton back in as Bruce, and then explore everyone he’s trained over the years—Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, Robin, etc. There’s a lot to explore there and lots of characters for the world to fall in love with.

Black Adam is the next DCEU film to release in theaters and will land on October 21 later this year.

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