DC Movies President Upset Over Batgirl Abandonment

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The DCEU slowly transformed in a span of days as Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed shocking cancellations and announcements. It all started when Batgirl was unceremoniously canceled by the studio despite being almost finished.

The studio revealed in an official statement that the decision to ax Batgirl “reflects [their] leadership’s strategic shift” and that it was “not a reflection of [Leslie Grace’s] performance.” In addition, Warner Bros. deemed that the movie was “neither big enough to feel worthy of a major theatrical release nor small enough to make economic sense.”

The shocking cancellation earned numerous reactions from fans and even Marvel filmmakers, with most of them giving support to the cast and crew involved in the movie. Now, the reaction of DC Films' boss has reportedly been revealed. 

DC Films President Reacts to Batgirl Cancellation

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Following the confirmation of Batgirl's cancellation and the desire of Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav to find a new direction for DC, The Hollywood Reporter shared that DC Films president Walter Hamada almost exited the studio because of the decision. Currently, DC Films head is reportedly consulting with his counsel. 

The outlet revealed that Hamada has now agreed to remain in his leadership post at least until Black Adam's release on October 21. 

THR's sources noted that Hamada's decision has "not been made to make this adversarial, yet."

“He’s pausing. The decision has not been made to make this adversarial, yet.”

Hamada could not be reached for comment when The Hollywood Reporter contacted him.

Moreover, THR's insider shared that Warner Bros. Pictures Group co-chairpersons and CEOs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy were the ones who informed Hamada of Batgirl's shelving during a Black Adam test screening. 

The explanation that was given to Hamada included Zaslav's strategy and that the movie wasn't strong enough to release theatrically but too expensive for a streaming release. As a result, the company chose to take a writedown on the project due to cost-cutting measures. 

THR also noted the New York Post broke the news that the film had been shelved before any talent or their representatives had been informed of the decision. 

Is DC's Future In Trouble? 

It's unfortunate that DC Films president Walter Hamada couldn't do anything about Batgirl's cancellation. For context, although Hamada is the DC Films president, Warner Bros. still has the last say on which movies to release, so the executive's upsetting reaction is understandable. 

However, given DC's history of not consistently laying out a solid plan for their shared universe over the years, it's reasonable to assume that Warner Bros. Discovery chief David Zaslav became aware of the mismanagement, thus using Batgirl as an unfortunate example. Many have pointed fingers at why the controversy-ridden The Flash movie, led by its troubled lead star Ezra Miller, didn't receive a similar fate, though its likely that too much money has been sunk in the Scarlet Speedster's project for a cancellation to make financial sense.

At this point, it is unknown which other DC projects that the studio previously announced will be canceled in the coming months. For now, Zaslav confirmed that the company is excited about the release of The Flash, Black Adam, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods, meaning that these movies are considered safe. Peacemaker creator James Gunn also assured fans that the John Cena-led HBO Max series is also not on the chopping block. 

Despite that, the looming resignation of Hamada as DC Films president could pose problems for the future of some of the announced films, like Wonder Woman 3 and a potential The Suicide Squad sequel. Hopefully, the recently announced "10-year movie plan" by Zaslav will improve the franchise.

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