Batgirl Director Teases DC Multiverse Connections (Exclusive)

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Batgirl, DC Multiverse

Following an impressive run on the first and last episodes of Ms. Marvel, directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah are now preparing for their upcoming release of Batgirl within the DCEU. While the two didn't have to tackle the MCU's Multiverse during Kamala Khan's first solo adventure, the DC Multiverse will be in full effect for their superhero debut with Warner Bros.

On top of Leslie Grace's Barbara Gordon, Batgirl is confirmed to feature characters from at least two different universes as the heroine gets her first live-action DC solo story. Michael Keaton's Batman will be back for one of two DCEU movies, including his time in Ezra Miller's The Flash, and J.K. Simmons will return as Commissioner Jim Gordon after starring in both the theatrical and Snyder Cut of Justice League.

With Batgirl featuring these kinds of characters from all across the Multiverse, fans are already wondering how much that concept will play into the DC story the way it has within the MCU. While not much can be revealed about that idea, the movie's directors took the time during a chat with The Direct to tease what fans will be in for when Batgirl eventually makes its debut.

Batgirl Directors Tease Multiverse Arrival

Batgirl, Michael Keaton's Batman

In an exclusive interview with The Direct's Richard Nebens, Batgirl directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah teased how the DC Multiverse will make its presence felt in their upcoming movie.

El Arbi compared the duo's bosses at Warner Bros. to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, who often replied with, "Don't worry about it" when they asked him about ties to other major projects for Ms. Marvel.

However, El Arbi did hint that the film will indeed connect to DC's emerging Multiverse somehow, while also suggesting that fans will "have to see the other [DC] movies to understand what happens" in Batgirl and to grasp how the Multiversal madness works on this side of the comic book movie landscape:

"Well you know, we’d sort of give the same answer, because we would also ask, 'Oh, you have J.K. Simmons from the Snyderverse and we got Michael Keaton from the Burton-verse. What’s the situation there?’ And they would say, ‘Don’t worry about it. We got a plan.’ They never really explained that aspect to us, but I guess you’re gonna have to see the other movies to understand what happens, why the reason is that we ended up in sort of a spaghetti of Multiverses in that aspect. It’s gonna be a delicious spaghetti, I’m sure of that.”

Michael Keaton's Batman, The Flash, Supergirl

How Will DC Handle the Multiverse?

Just as the MCU has done over the course of Phase 4, Warner Bros. plans to bring the Multiverse in as a key plot device for future DC projects, including movies coming in the not-too-distant future.

El Arbi and Fallah have clearly become masters at keeping spoilers hidden thanks to their time with both Marvel and DC, not revealing any specifics for how Barbara Gordon's solo story will fit in with its DCEU and Multiversal surroundings

The details behind DC's use of the Multiverse still remain a mystery, although Batgirl is confirmed to be a part of that after Michael Keaton's Batman was announced as part of the cast. With his confirmed role in both The Flash and Batgirl, it seems incredibly likely that the Scarlet Speedster's solo film will open the door to the Multiverse in the DCEU, while Batgirl will explore its ripple effects similarly to the New 52 comics.

With The Flash still almost a year away and no set release date for Batgirl, there may still be plenty of time until this story is fleshed out more fully ahead of those movies' premieres. But considering how important past DC films will be, according to Batgirl's directors, there should be some big reveals to look forward to when the time comes.

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah's work on Ms. Marvel is now streaming in full on Disney+.

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