Batgirl Set Photos Feature Michael Keaton's New Batman Suit

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Batgirl Set Photos Batman Mural

While Warner Bros. sets the stage for The Batman coming to theaters in March, the studio is also making an effort to recontextualize its take on the greater Batman canon within the DCEU. Paramount in this effort is Batgirl, as the Leslie Grace-starring film will see Barabra Gordon take center stage for the first in cinematic history. 

The project is set to come to HBO Max sometime this year, and while shooting is currently taking place, not too much is actually known about the movie. Recent set photos have teased at an appearance from longtime Bat-Family villain Hugo Strange, and a connection to this year's Flash movie has been hinted at, but nothing has been 100% confirmed as yet. 

Batgirl is set to play a part in the greater DCEU story, but to what extent is still relatively unknown. But a few new set photos from the project could be pointing to a pretty big classic DC connection.

Batgirl Set Photos Emerge

Batgirl is currently shooting in Glasgow, Scotland, and some images have emerged from the set with looks at the film's star as well as some Bruce Wayne-sized set dressing. 

Three photos have made their way online from the Batgirl two of which feature a large Bruce Wayne mural in which Mr. Wayne is sporting a suit very similar to that of Michael Keaton's from Batman (1989).

The other image showcases the star of the film Leslie Grace in her Barbara Gordon garb as she emerges from a building wearing a Gotham City Police Department t-shirt. 


How Deep Does the Keaton Hole Go?

This image of Batman seen on the Batgirl set says alot about the universe that the HBO Max film takes place in. No, this is not Robert Pattison's Bruce Wayne from the upcoming The Batman, as it is seemingly the very same Bruce that fans will see Michael Keaton play in The Flash. The very Bruce that took on the Joker in Tim Burton's Batman in 1989. 

So just how deep does this his Keaton hole go? If the character (or at least a version of the character) was/is a part of the Batgirl world, and that same character is helping Ezra Miller's speedster as well, then he seems pretty intrinsic to the future of the universe that WB is trying to build here. 

Rumors have been swirling of Keaton acting as a guiding hand for the next iteration of the big-screen Justice League, and that would make a lot of sense seeing as his version of Bruce seems to be popping up everywhere in the DCEU right now, 

As for the suit on the mural itself, nothing major has been changed here. The bright yellow bat from the original Burton film is there front and center, but it is in the cowl that fans will be able to see a little bit of a difference. This version of the costume sports much stouter and ears compared to that of Batman '89. Also the next looks much more maneuverable compared to the classic costume. 

However, these small changes do not totally disprove the idea that this is Keaton's caped crusader. The hero will likely get a new suit in The Flash, one that does away with the notorious design flaws of that 1989 original suit. 

Batgirl still has no concrete release date but is set to debut on HBO Max sometime in 2022. 

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