DC Leak Reveals First Look at New On-Screen Robin (Photo)

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DC is set to have a busy year with The Batman and The Flash at the top of Warner Bros.' priority list right now. Alongside those two films, Barbara Gordon is set to be the center of attention in a Batgirl film which will be released exclusively on HBO Max sometime later in the year. It has been confirmed that up-and-coming actress Leslie Grace, known for her roles in In the Heights and Miss Bala will be the lead, joined by veteran Batman actor Michael Keaton.

Keaton's return as the Caped Crusader will mark the first time he has put on the cowl since 1992's Batman Returns. He will also be playing a role in the upcoming The Flash movie, but in what capacity has yet to be revealed.

Even though Keaton starred in two Batman films in 1989 and 1992, his well-known sidekick, Robin, was never shown alongside him.

The character of Robin has been most famously associated with the circus performer Dick Grayson throughout the years, but many fans are also familiar with the names of Jason Todd and Tim Drake when it comes to The Boy Wonder.

A recent leak from the set of Batgirl in Glasgow, Scotland featured a mural on the side of a brick wall showcasing Keaton's Dark Knight in full costume. Another leak has recently surfaced that expands on the image, displaying Batman's famous sidekick.

Robin Seen On-Set of Batgirl

Justice League, Robin

A recent photo taken by PA Wire's Andrew Milligan showed a better look at the Batman mural from on the Glasgow set of Batgirl. The image clearly shows a faded painting of Michael Keaton's Batman alongside his sidekick Robin.

It is unclear if this version of Robin is Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, or another Gotham native, but the character hasn't been officially cast in the film as of right now.

The full mural can be seen below.


Michael Keaton Finally has a Robin

It is widely agreed upon that Michael Keaton's two Batman films were two of the best of the superhero movie era. 1989's Batman is considered a landmark in comic book movie history, setting some of the standards that the genre still lives by 30 years later.

However, if there was one aspect of the two movies that fans wish could have been done differently, it is the inclusion of Robin.

In Keaton's first film, the Dark Knight and Jack Nicholson's Joker were the central focus and there was really no room to effectively bring in another character. In Batman Returns, however, the studio had a significantly bigger budget, they weren't dealing with a villain as iconic as the Joker, and they had a foreseeable future for Batman in the film industry.

It would have been a perfect time to introduce the character into that universe, but ultimately, the cards weren't right, and fans never got to see Keaton with his sidekick.

Fast-forward to now, and these recent leaks, if true, confirm that his Bruce Wayne did eventually recruit a Robin. If the character does end up making an appearance or even playing a larger role in Batgirl, it will make the movie significantly more appealing to casual fans, and can definitely fill the gaps between 1992 and 2022 for Keaton's Batman.

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