New Batgirl Movie Set Photo Teases Ezra Miller's Flash Connection

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Batgirl, The Flash

Warner Bros. is deep into production on multiple new projects coming to the DC Extended Universe over the next few years, some of which are premiering on HBO Max. Included in the streaming schedule is Leslie Grace's Batgirl, which will expand heavily on the Caped Crusader's legacy within the DCEU by featuring a heroine that's finally taking her place in the ranks of DC's biggest heroes.

The movie features Ms. Marvel directing duo Adil El Arbi and Billal Fallah on their second comic book project, although very little is known about the film's actual plot. They will lead the way on Barbara Gordon's first true live-action solo project, which also stars other major players such as Jacob Scipio and '90s icon Brendan Fraser.

The big question about Batgirl is how it will fit in alongside the rest of its DCEU counterparts, particularly with it being confirmed for an HBO Max release rather than the traditional theatrical run. In regard to that question, the film's composer may have provided an answer with a recent social media post.

Natalie Holt Teases Batgirl/Flash Connection

Batgirl composer Natalie Holt posted an image of a Gotham City Police Department uniform on her Twitter page from the set of the new HBO Max movie. Holt later deleted this post.

Gotham Police

The logo for the GCPD is the same logo fans have seen from set photos for Warner Bros.' The Flash, which can be seen in the tweet below from @FlashFilmNews:


Batgirl and The Flash in the Same DCEU

The DC Extended Universe has done its best to create an interconnected franchise built on its unique solo stories the same way Marvel Studios has done with the MCU since 2008. With Warner Bros. now pushing to extend that universe into the streaming world, the status of movies like Batgirl came into question thanks to the HBO Max release strategy.

Even though no details have been revealed about the plot of Batgirl, this image seems to indicate that the franchise is looking to put Batgirl in the same universe as Ezra Miller's Flash and Ben Affleck's Batman. This also isn't Natalie Holt's first time teasing something like this after sharing a behind-the-scenes video from one of her most recent projects, Marvel Studios' Disney+ show Loki.

Using the same exact GCPD logo in both The Flash and Batgirl seems to be more than just a coincidence, particularly with fans curious to see how this universe pushes its borders.

Of course, with Batgirl still in the earliest stages of filming, confirmation of its status within the same universe as The Flash likely won't come for some time. These pictures do seem to point in the right direction on that front though with such similar imagery finding its way to the public eye.

Batgirl is currently filming and will release on HBO Max.

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