DC Reportedly Recasting Commissioner Gordon For Batgirl Movie

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Batgirl Commissioner Gordon

Zack Snyder had mentioned "wishful thinking" about what he would do with the character of Barbara Gordon in his Justice League story. The director hoped that she would “play a bigger role” in the films during the “window where there was no Batman.”

Batgirl has had a movie in development for years, with Joss Whedon initially set to write and direct before quietly departing the project. Recently, it was announced that Bad Boys For Life and Ms. Marvel directing duo Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi would direct the film.

Not much movement has happened with Batgirl, aside from confirmation that it would release on HBO Max without an exclusive theater run. A new set of casting grids has been leaked, pointing to a potential recast of a big character.


Commissioner Gordon Batgirl Justice League

The Illuminerdi has released casting information for several roles for Batgirl, including Barbara Gordon herself, with Warner Bros. looking out for an actress in her early 20s. The film's villain looks to be an actor in his 50s or 60s with the character described as a "disgruntled former firefighter."

Finally, the film is seeking an actor in his 50s to play Commissioner Gordon.


Obviously, the "disgruntled former firefighter" has to be the Batman villain Firefly. He was actually one of the first villains that Barbara Gordon fought as a crime fighter, alongside Killer Moth. So, it seems appropriate that he would be the villain of her first live-action film.

However, the most interesting part of this news is seeing Gordon on a casting grid when J. K. Simmons and Jeffrey Wright have been cast as Gordon in their respective franchises and universes. So, either that means this new Batgirl film has its own continuity like Matt Reeves' The Batman or J. K. Simmons will be recast.

It is unknown whether this is simply a preference for the two new directors or Simmons being unavailable. Still, it could easily be explained away by the conclusion of The Flash. Moreover, considering that the storyline in the comics involves Barry Allen altering the continuity in big and small ways, one could recast several characters, including James Gordon.

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