Deleted Batgirl Easter Egg In Robert Pattinson's The Batman Revealed

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The Batman is filled with interesting DC characters from Batman's mythology, but a missed opportunity to reference Batgirl via an Easter egg was revealed in a new deleted scene. 

The Robert Pattinson-led movie about Gotham's Caped Crusader pulled all of the stops to deliver a story that has detective elements while also honoring the source material. Doing so allowed the film to introduce new takes of notable characters, such as The Riddler, Penguin, Selina Kyle, and Jim Gordon. 

Despite that, there are still some missing that could've played a significant role in Bruce Wayne's evolution. However, with a confirmed sequel in development, it seems that more familiar allies and enemies will soon debut in Pattinson's Batman franchise. 

Now, a planned reference to Barbara Gordon was confirmed to be scrapped from The Batman

The Batman Scrapped a Sneaky Batgirl Easter Egg

Batman, Commissioner Gordon

The Batman: The Official Script Book, via @TheBatmanFilm, featured a scrapped Easter egg to Barbara Gordon a.k.a. Batgirl from DC Comics. 

In the scene, one of the GCPD detectives tells Jim Gordon about the current situation regarding the cipher that is projected huge on the wall. 

Amid the briefing, Gordon receives a call from Robert Pattinson's Bruce Wayne as Batman, prompting him to excuse himself while using his daughter, Barbara, as a valid reason:


The room bustles with POLICE and FBI CODE-BREAKERS, all fixated on the CIPHER, projected huge on the wall. One of the G.C.P.D. DETECTIVES quietly briefs Gordon—

Feds say code could take weeks —if they can crack it at all—

Gordon’s cell rings; he looks: “NO CALLER ID”; answers—

Did Mitchell have a car—?

I’m sorry, can you hold on, honey?

(to Detective)
My daughter, Barbara—

The Detective nods as Gordon takes a few steps away—

GORDON (into phone, low)
A car? Yeah, I’m sure—why...?

Another deleted scene from the book reveals Bruce meeting Wayne Industries' accountants, with them telling him about the company's losses. 

However, it seems that Bruce isn't interested since he's still fixated on solving the case and helping Gordon: 



I’m afraid we’re at a critical point here—

REVEAL BRUCE—in SUNGLASSES, stone-faced—his gaze shifts distractedly to Alfred’s newspaper on the table—

At the very well need your signature to cover these losses...

Bruce reaches for the newspaper opens it—the execs glance at each other, thrown; Alfred smiles, apologetic—Bruce stares at the SEA OF LETTERS wheels turning—

Mr. Wayne...?

(glances blankly up) ...what?

I... I need your signature, sir...

And as Bruce signs—we PRELAR
What if it isn’t a partial key...?

Will Batgirl Show Up in The Batman 2 or 3?

This latest deleted scene from The Batman confirmed that there are plans to incorporate Barbara Gordon sometime in the franchise's future. Given the significance of Barbara to Bruce Wayne's story, it's reasonable to assume that she will likely be introduced in The Batman 2 or the threequel

Considering that Robert Pattinson's Bruce is still in the early stages of his career as Batman, it's likely that this version of Barbara is young and has yet to be involved in the crime-fighting world. That said, a Batgirl appearance might be unlikely, but The Batman's world still has the opportunity to plant the seeds of Barbara's eventual heroic transformation. 

Meanwhile, the other deleted scene about Bruce not being concerned about Wayne Industries' losses could hint at this plot point being thoroughly explored in the sequel. The upcoming follow-up could flesh out how Bruce's responsibilities as Batman will directly clash with Wayne Industries' potential downfall, ultimately leading to a resolution that would further solidify his growth. 

The Batman is available for purchase on all major digital platforms. 

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