Warner Bros. Accidentally Promotes Cancelled Batgirl Movie With New DC Film (Photos)

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Despite canceling the film over a year ago, Warner Bros. (WB) accidentally promoted Batgirl with some Blue Beetle promotional materials.

Sadly, after completing filming, the straight-to-streaming Batgirl movie was canceled by WB and written off as a tax exemption, shocking many who were looking forward to the film. 

Since then, Warner has remained quite quiet about the project. Scenes from the film have leaked online, but other than that, the movie largely remains a mystery. 

Of course, even if the movie had come out, it remains unknown if the character would have remained part of the plans for the newly-instated DC Studios CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran.

WB Accidentally Promotes Batgirl

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a Batgirl logo on a Blue Beetle cardboard standee, meaning Warner Bros. is inadvertently promoting a film they previously canceled.


X (formerly Twitter) user Croc_Block posted images of the standee, amping up hype for the upcoming Blue Beetle film. 


Looking closely, a series of logos can be seen at the bottom underneath the message "Check out all of the DC films coming soon!," including one for the Batgirl film. 


The other logos are for Black Adam, The Batman, Aquaman 2, DC League of Superpets, and The Flash, which likely means the standee is older, but it is set up nonetheless. 

How Does a Mistake Like This Happen?

After Warner Bros. had just finished wiping the egg from its face from last year's Batgirl cancelation, this feels like it will only get the angry internet machine going once again. 

This is an unforced error and feels like another misstep in what has been a series a year of misses from DC Studios.

How this actually happened, remains unclear, but this is very likely an older standee that the store simply put out without any idea Batgirl was even on it. 

This may be an indication of a lack of marketing budget that Warner Bros. seems to be putting behind its upcoming teenage superhero. 

After breaking the bank on a film like The Flash with an insane promotional spend, the studio seems to not even be handing out new promotional material for Blue Beetle, or at least hasn't in this specific case. 

Blue Beetle comes to theaters on Friday, August 18. 

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