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James Gunn's DC Reboot: All 14 Actors Set to Appear In New Universe

Which actors are already set to take on roles in James Gunn's new DC Universe

By Richard Nebens -

Ramario Xolo Maridueña
June 9, 2001
Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle
Notable Projects:
Blue Beetle
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Blue Beetle Cast, Characters & Actors

Here's a comprehensive list of all the cast members and characters appearing in the upcoming Blue Beetle movie.

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DC's Blue Beetle Movie Is an MCU-Like Crowd-Pleaser (Review)

Blue Beetle is a win for DC Studios, despite some its poorly executed villains.

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Blue Beetle Movie Reviews: Critics Share First Reactions

Critics are sharing their initial spoiler-free reactions to the latest DCU movie, Blue Beetle.

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James Gunn's DC Reboot Will Bring Back Blue Beetle on One Condition

Actor Xolo Maridueña shared the condition in which his character can continue on in James Gunn's DC reboot.

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James Gunn Announces Unexpected First Superhero for DC's Rebooted Universe

James Gunn has confirmed which character will be the first superhero of his new DC reboot.

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First Look at DC's Blue Beetle Movie Supervillain Revealed (Photos)

The first look at Blue Beetle's villain, Conrad Carapax, was recently revealed.

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James Gunn's Justice League: DC Actor Hopeful for Spot on Rebooted Team

DCU newcomer Xolo Maridueña is hoping for a spot on James Gunn's Justice League.

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Blue Beetle Cast: DC Announces 10 Main Actors In Movie

DC Studios announced the core cast of actors in this summer's Blue Beetle movie.

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DC’s Blue Beetle Movie: First Trailer Released Online Early (Watch)

Fans can finally get their first look at the DCU's Blue Beetle movie.

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Watch: DC's Blue Beetle Movie Releases First Trailer Announcement

Fans finally have confirmation when they will be able to get their first look at DC's Blue Beetle.

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DC’s Blue Beetle Movie Gets First Trailer Release Update

The Blue Beetle trailer got an exciting update from the DC film's cast.

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DC Studios' Blue Beetle Movie Gets Exciting News From Test Screening

A reaction to the upcoming Blue Beetle movie's test screening gives fans new things to be excited about.

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DC’s Newest Superhero Actor Didn’t Even Audition for Movie Role

Blue Beetle star Xolo Maridueña revealed that he got the movie's leading role without an audition.

By Richard Nebens -

DC Blue Beetle Movie Wraps Filming, Reveals Best Look at Iron Man-Like Suit

DC's Blue Beetle was confirmed to have wrapped filming.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

DC Reportedly Wants Netflix's Cobra Kai Star To Lead Its Live-Action Blue Beetle Superhero Movie

Xolo Maridueña was revealed to be playing the lead role in Warner Bros.' Blue Beetle movie.

By Richard Nebens -

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