DC’s Blue Beetle Movie Gets First Trailer Release Update

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After months of relative silence, word of Blue Beetle's first trailer release has been made public by one of the DC blockbuster's cast members. 

While the DCU ushers in a new era at the end of the year, there are still a couple of films left to release from this current iteration of the super-powered franchise. One of which is Xolo Maridueña's Blue Beetle, which is set to debut in theaters this August. 

The teenage superhero has been described as a "fusion of Green Lantern and Iron Man," with brief glimpses of Maridueña's titular hero having trickled out to the public.

Blue Beetle may remain shrouded in mystery, with many wondering if the character even has a future beyond his DCU debut, but the film has received promising responses from test screenings, as audiences sit at wait for the first proper look at the super-powered blockbuster. 

A Blue Beetle Trailer Imminent

Blue Beetle Movie Poster

A new post by Blue Beetle star George Lopez has sparked speculation that a trailer for the DCU epic could be imminent. 

On his personal Instagram page, Lopez posted a photo of him alongside three of his Blue Beetle co-stars, Harvey Guillen, Xolo Maridueña, and Angel Manuel Soto, teasing that a "TRAILER [is] COMING SOON:"




Blue Beetle George Lopez

Insider and journalist Big Screen Leaks lent further credence to the idea of a Blue Beetle trailer being imminent, tweeting that fans can expect a first look at the film "within the next month."

They also wrote that the trailer's release will "coincide with another massive movie’s release."

When to Expect a Blue Beetle Trailer

While no official trailer release date for Blue Beetle has been made public, this is likely an indication that there is one looming on the horizon. 

Looking to see when the best place for a trailer release would be, Warner Bros. (WB) and DC seemingly just missed it. 

It is a little bizarre that if a trailer was close to ready that it was not released with the DCU's latest, Shazam! Fury of the Gods. It would have made a lot of sense if a Blue Beetle trailer had come packed in with the Shazam! sequel, but it wasn't. 

So, fans will have to look ahead to see where and when would make the most sense for a first look to drop. 

With word that the trailer will release to "coincide with another massive movie" and will be out "within the next month," some narrowing down of dates can start to occur. 

The most likely candidate seems to be The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which is due out in theaters on Wednesday, April 5. So, perhaps the first look will release earlier that week so that it can come attached to Illumination's animated adventure. 

Blue Beetle hits theaters worldwide on August 18. 

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