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After a long promotional tour and waiting period, the first trailer for DC's Blue Beetle finally has a confirmed release date. 

New teases for the Xolo Maridueña-starring super-powered adventure have been coming hot and heavy as of late, with looks at the titular mid-20s superhero making headlines over the past couple of weeks. 

Blue Beetle follows college graduate Jaime Reyes as he comes to grips with being a superhero after coming in contact with an "alien beetle" known as the Scarab.

However, as many glimpses of the film audiences have gotten by way of leaked merchandise and posters, very minimal official footage from Blue Beetle has been made public.

Blue Beetle Trailer Incoming

Blue Beetle Movie Poster

A new video posted on the official Blue Beetle Twitter account revealed that the first trailer for the upcoming DC blockbuster will be released on Monday, April 3. 

The brief tease sports flashy visuals and text boldly exclaiming that Xolo Maridueña's "Jaime Reyes is a superhero, whether he likes it or not," before noting that fans can "see the trailer tomorrow."

See the trailer promo below:

This corroborated insider Daniel Richtman's report that a first look at the film was coming on Monday, April 3. 

It has been widely assumed that the first Blue Beetle trailer was imminent, with stars like George Lopez (who plays Jaime's uncle in the film) teasing that a "trailer [was] coming soon."

What to Expect from Blue Beetle?

While Blue Beetle may not be a household name on the level of Batman or Superman, there are still plenty of fans excited to see the hero hit the big screen for the very first time. 

The character is essentially the DC's answer to Spider-Man, and despite some recent missteps in the DCU, Blue Beetle is reported to be stellar with word out of test screenings being that the film is "super entertaining."

These early positive reactions are a good thing, especially with the DCU's future still up in the air as James Gunn and Peter Safran take over the blue brand. 

Because of the changing regime, some may be tempering expectations for Jaime Reyes going forward in this franchise

However, if the film is as good as early indicators say it is, there should be nothing to worry about. And this incoming debut trailer will be the first real evidence of that for the general public. 

Blue Beetle is set to hit theaters worldwide on August 18. 

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