First Look at George Lopez's DC Superhero Movie Debut Released

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George Lopez DC Superhero

A quick first look at George Lopez’s role in Blue Beetle has made its way to the internet.

The upcoming DC film Blue Beetle focuses on Jaime Reyes, a teenager who comes into contact with a strange device resembling a scarab. The scarab chooses Reyes as its new host and in return, grants him a high-tech armored suit boasting a number of powerful new abilities.

Xolo Maridueña will portray Jaime in the movie, and many of his friends and family members' castings have also been revealed.

Footage of George Lopez in Blue Beetle Surfaces

A recording of a television promo for Blue Beetle surfaced on Twitter (via talk_messi.) The new footage from the film shows George Lopez’s character Rudy (Jaime Reyes’ uncle) freaking out as the scarab bonds itself to Jaime. 

This ad seemingly promotes the imminent release of the film's first full trailer.

Check out the tweet below and a screenshot of Lopez in the movie:

Lopez’ Rudy looks to be losing his mind in reaction to the scarab overtaking his Nephew.

George Lopez in Blue Beetle
DC Studios

And here, Jaime holds the scarab in the palm of his hand.

Xolo Maridueña As Jaime Reyes in Blue Beetle
DC Studios

Finally, a look at a fully suited-up Blue Beetle is shown.

Blue Beetle
DC Studios

Blue Beetle Looks To Be Quite an Exciting Film

Blue Beetle has quite the legacy on the pages of DC Comics. In the books, Jaime is the third Beetle, the second being genius inventor Ted Kord.

In Jaime’s case, the scarab chooses him to bear all of its fantastical powers, and as the saying from the other side of the superhero fence goes, “With great power, comes great responsibility,” the teen has little choice but to become a superhero. This is an element that the Blue Beetle movie seems to be leaning into.

It’s also worth noting that Jaime often doesn’t know how to control the scarab in most incarnations, upon first receiving it, with the scarab controlling him instead. Again, judging by the tagline in another recent promo for the film, "Jaime Reyes is a superhero, whether he likes it or not," this aspect of the character will get a lot of focus.

So, George Lopez screaming in terror as this mysterious force consumes his young nephew makes perfect sense. At that point in the story, Jaime probably hasn’t been in possession of the scarab for long and very likely doesn’t know what it is or what it does.

DC‘s Blue Beetle hits theaters on August 18.

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