DC Studios' Blue Beetle Movie Gets Exciting News From Test Screening

Blue Beetle DC Movie
By Gillian Blum Posted:

New exciting information about reactions to a screening of the DCU's upcoming Blue Beetle was just revealed to the public.

The DC Studios film, set to release in August, will follow Jaime Reyes (Xolo Maridueña) as he learns to adapt to new powers gained from "an alien beetle" binding itself to his body. This origin may sound familiar to fans of the animated show Young Justice, as its second season told a similar story.

The movie wrapped production in July 2022. It will feature George Lopez, Bruna Marquezine, Belissa Escobedo, Harvey Guillen, and Susan Sarandon, alongside Maridueña.

Exciting News from Blue Beetle Screening

Blue Beetle, DC

In an "Ask Me Anything" Twitter thread on Sunday, the Big Screen Leaks Twitter page answered two questions about reactions to a test screening of DC Studios' upcoming Blue Beetle.

One fan asked in the thread about the action sequences, prompting Big Screen Leaks to respond that "they sound super entertaining:"

@VengeanceLame: "How were the action scenes received in any of the 'Blue Beetle' test screenings?"

@bigscreenleaks: "Extremely well. It's lots of hand-to-hand combat action sequences and they sound super entertaining"

Separately, the account was asked which actors' performances stood out to test audiences, prompting a concise response:

@jxcekage: "from test screenings who’s gotten the most praise for their performance in blue beetle"

@bigscreenleaks: "Xolo and George Lopez"

Amazing Action and Praised Performances

These responses give fans exciting news about the movie's action sequences and stand-out stars.

Entertaining action sequences can make or break a superhero movie. Blue Beetle having "super entertaining" action sequences leads fans to believe that this film will be "made" and not "broken" by them.

Further, the specific shoutouts of Xolo Maridueña's and George Lopez's performances as Jaime Reyes and Uncle Rudy respectively should excite fans about what are sure to become beloved characters. Maridueña did not audition for his role, showing promise that his performance would be fantastic. These reported reactions to a test screening only further prove that hope will be well-founded.

Lopez's praise goes to show how prominent the Reyes family will likely be in the film. Fairly little is still known about the plot of the August movie, but given the origin story elements already known, fun family shenanigans with a superhero bend seem to be becoming more and more inevitable.

Blue Beetle will release in theaters on August 18, 2023.