Blue Beetle Movie's Post-Credit Scene Count Revealed

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Mere days before its big-screen debut, the post-credit scene count for Blue Beetle has seemingly been revealed. 

DC Studios' latest super-powered epic is set to introduce the movie-going world to Xolo Maridueña's teenage superhero Jaime Reyes as he comes into contact with an alien weapon known as the Scarab. 

The blockbuster finds itself in a precarious situation thought. While DC's other 2023 movies feel like the end of something  (with James Gunn's reboot of the franchise getting its ducks in a row), Blue Beetle is an unlikely beginning this late in the game for the DCEU. 

With the origin story hitting theaters as the cinematic universe it occupies winds down, Blue Beetle has been called "the first DCU character," meaning the movie could set up a story that would go forward into the next era of the franchise.

How Many End-Credits Scenes Does Blue Beetle Have?

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Thanks to fans who caught an early screening of Blue Beetle, the official post-credit scene count for the film has been revealed. 

According to several posts on social media, the film will feature two post-credits sequences, which may shock some as the DCEU awaits its incoming James Gunn-led reboot. 

"Two post-credit scenes," Journalist Luke Bugg tweeted after seeing the film. 

While Puerto Rican fan Josh Herrera not only revealed the "2 Post Credit Scenes," but that he thinks, "there’s more story to tell!"

Blue Beetle would not be the first DCEU movie of 2023 to get post-credits sequences, but what makes it most exciting is that the film has more than one! 

This will be a shock to some seeing as Blue Beetle is one of the final movies on the DCEU slate. Many expected the franchise to wind down as the incoming reboot looms, but Blue Beetle having two could be an exciting prospect for fans. 

Shazam! Fury of the Gods also had two post-credit stingers, but it is assumed the loose ends from that film will never be tied up, as James Gunn and Peter Safran soon begin their reimagined DC Universe. 

The franchise's most recent film, The Flash, only included one stinger after all was said and done, feeling like that was truly the end of that character.

The full list of DCEU films and their number of post-credit scenes can be seen below:

  • Man of Steel - zero
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - zero
  • Suicide Squad - one
  • Wonder Woman - zero 
  • Justice League - two
  • Aquaman - one
  • Shazam! - two
  • Bird of Prey - one
  • Wonder Woman 1984 - one
  • The Suicide Squad - two
  • Black Adam - one
  • Shazam! Fury of the Gods - two
  • The Flash - one
  • Blue Beetle - two

It has been made clear Xolo Maridueña's teenage hero could potentially remain a part of the DCU going forward, meaning these post-credit scenes may be the indication of where the story could be going (at least from the standpoint of Blue Beetle) after the current era of DC storytelling ends with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom later this year. 

Will Blue Beetle's Post-Credits Scenes Actually Matter?

Given the upcoming DCU reboot, fans are justifiably skeptical about the idea of these remaining DC movies including post-credits sequences. 

Why would one care about narrative threads being set up if that story is never going to be followed up on? 

Well, Blue Beetle might be the exception to this rule. James Gunn seems attached to this character, despite not having a Blue Beetle 2 on his upcoming DC slate. 

Xolo Maridueña is enthusiastic about getting started in the DCU. He said he is ready for "the Justice League shit," should Gunn and Safran give him a call, and these post-credit scenes could very well be the first step towards that. 

And that is what is most exciting about all this. If Blue Beetle was not going to be included in this rebooted universe, then what is the point of including any post-credits scenes, especially ones that seemingly tease "more story to tell?"

While ultimately, if Blue Beetle gets another chance may come down to how well the first movie does at the box office (something that is not looking too hot in early projections), the inclusion of this pair of post-credits stingers will be taken by some as the first solid indication the character has a future beyond his first solo adventure. 

Blue Beetle is set to come to theaters on Friday, August 18. 

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