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The first reactions from critics on the latest DCU movie, Blue Beetle, are officially going public.

After a rough couple of rounds in theaters for DC Studios with Shazam! Fury of the Gods and The Flash, the studio looks to get back on track with a fresh new origin story in Blue Beetle.

Featuring an A-list cast of actors, including both newcomers and industry veterans, this solo outing will add a brand-new character to the DC legacy as he takes his place on the big screen before the new DC Universe comes to fruition.

Critics Share First Reviews of DC's Blue Beetle

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Critics shared their first reactions to DC Studios' Blue Beetle on X (formerly known as Twitter) after the social media embargo was officially lifted.'s Brandon Davis described the new film as "mostly a blast," highlighting the practical super suit and George Lopez's performance while admitting that some of it is "too silly or childish" for him:

"The 'Blue Beetle' movie is mostly a blast. Some is too silly or childish for me, a lot had me laughing loud (George Lopez!). Practical suit rocks. The Latino representation is awesome. Enjoyed the family-centric stakes, solid action beats. Overall, it’s fun."

Collider's Steven Weintraub was pleasantly surprised with what he saw, praising director Angel Manuel Soto for adding "his own flavor to the superhero genre" and for highlighting the Latino culture and family values:

"Happy to report Angel Manuel Soto's 'Blue Beetle' was so much better than I expected. He's added his own flavor to the superhero genre by having the film focus on a tight-knit family and Latino culture. It’s fun, extremely funny, and he got away with a few jokes that floored me."

Film Speak host Griffin Schiller put the film on a pedestal as "a MASSIVE win for DC" and praised star Xolo Maridueña's performance as the lynchpin of the story:

"'Blue Beetle' is a MASSIVE win for DC & an electric introduction to the first hero of the DCU. Xolo Maridueña's charismatic star making performance confidently anchors this intimate synthwave journey of family, heritage, & purpose. A fresh and endearing spin on the origin story!"

The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez celebrated Blue Beetle for being "so incredibly good (and) so unique," specifically pointing out the film's score and highlighting the diversity included for the Latino community:

"'Blue Beetle' is here & Latinos FINALLY have a superhero of their own reflected on the big screen. The film is so incredibly good, so unique & delivers on all fronts giving the superhero genre much needed sazón! The film 's Tangerine Dream inspired synthwave score also rocks!

CineXpressPR's Fico Cangiano called Blue Beetle "a great time at the movies," praising the Latino culture brought to life while also describing it as "a fantastic introduction to Jaime Reyes:"

"Happy to report that Angel Manuel Soto's 'Blue Beetle' is definitely a great time at the movies! Not only is it a fantastic introduction to Jaime Reyes as a character/hero, but also a love letter to the Latino culture, that focuses on family as its foundation.

Cangiano celebrated the movie's "great visual effects" and highlighted the performances from Maridueña and Lopez along with other members of the cast:

"Funny, full of nitfy action, with great visual effects (suit looks/feels amazing), and plenty of heart, 'Blue Beetle’s' first live-action film is a win for longtime fans, and for the future of the DCU. Xolo Mariedueña kills it as the lead, while Belissa Escobedo and George Lopez shine as part of Jaime’s familia. Loved Bobby Krlic’s electronic/synthy 80’s-vibed score. It’s a blast. Def want to see what Soto does next with Blue Beetle. Go see it in the big screen!

POC Culture took the praise even a step further, calling it their "favorite post-(Christopher) Nolan DC film" as they enjoyed the unique feel that the Mexican culture in the story delivered:

"'Blue Beetle' is my favorite post-Nolan DC film. It’s an action packed, highly entertaining superhero story about family…& there’s nothing more important than family. The film is unique in that it lovingly & unabashedly shares the Reyes family’s Mexican culture.

Film critic Carlos Aguilar was "Impressed by the pop culture details & historical references" in the newest DC movie, continuing with the trend of pointing out the nods to Latin America that the filmmakers included:

"Impressed by the pop culture details & historical references in 'BLUE BEETLE.' From MACARIO, to CRONOS, and El CHAPULÍN COLORADO. But even more so that the infamous School of the Americas is integral to the story. This is the work of filmmakers who know & care about Latin America."

Discussing Film's Ben Rolph heaped even more praise on Maridueña while describing Blue Beetle as "a spellbinding origin story" that also hints at where the DCU will go in the future:

"'Blue Beetle' is an electric and thrilling ride, Xolo Maridueña was born to play Jaime Reyes! It's a spellbinding origin story, made and steered by the excellent Angel Manuel Soto. Loved the film and what it teases about the future of DC."

CineMovieTV bluntly noted that the start of the film was a little shaky, but that it ended up being "full of laughter, action & lots of heart" thanks to fantastic showings from the cast:

"'Blue Beetle' was a huge surprise. After a shaky start, the superhero movie is full of laughter, action & lots of heart. Xolo Maridueña kills it, So does Bruna Marquezine, George Lopez is hilarious & Adriana Barraza is a hoot as “Nana”. Take the whole familia & bring tissues."

Will Blue Beetle Succeed in Theaters?

Looking at how many flops DC Studios has had to endure over the last couple of years, fans are hoping that Blue Beetle will be something closer to a winner before the franchise is completely rebooted.

This also echoes feelings that early viewers had during test screenings for the latest DCU adventure, begging the question of whether fans will show up to the theater when it makes its debut.

Unfortunately, early projections don't have the new outing performing well for the time being, with high-end predictions looking at the movie earning only about $55 million globally at the box office.

But with plenty of support coming from important names in the DC landscape like Zack Snyder, the hope is that those odds will be more favorable in the near future.

Blue Beetle will arrive in theaters on Friday, August 18.

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