First Look at DC's Blue Beetle Movie Supervillain Revealed (Photos)

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Blue Beetle Movie

Fans were given their first look at Conrad Carapax, a villain of the upcoming Blue Beetle film, in a recent TV spot.

Blue Beetle will be one of the last movies within the continuity of the DCEU. However, it was previously reported that co-CEO of DC Studios James Gunn wants to bring the character and its actor, Xolo Maridueña, into his new DCU.

An official trailer already dropped for the upcoming movie, which included footage of its original villain, a character named Victoria Kord who will be played by Susan Sarandon.

Victoria won't be the only antagonist of the film, though, as Maridueña's Jamie Reyes will also have to face off against one of Blue Beetle's most formidable enemies, Conrad Carapax.

The First Look at Blue Beetle's Conrad Carapax

Conrad Carapax, Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

In a recent TV spot shared to Twitter via @Bluebeetlenews, one of Blue Beetle's big villains was shown for the first time.

This antagonist was none other than Raoul Max Trujillo's Conrad Carapax, also known as Carapax the Indestructible Man. The released footage included the character in his robotic indestructible form.

Conrad Carapax, Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

The spot also teased the faceoff between Jamie Reyes and Carapax, as the footage featured each of them getting into a combat stance across from each other.

Jamie Reyes, Blue Beetle

In what appears to be a quick shot from the same sequence, Blue Beetle powers his iconic sword toward the ground as it releases a burst of energy.

Jamie Reyes, Blue Beetle, Sword
Blue Beetle

The 30-second snippet also confirmed that recording artist Becky G will be voicing Khaji-Da, the actual Scarab that bonds to Jamie in the upcoming film.

You can watch the full teaser below, with Carpax appearing briefly at the :22 mark:

Who Is Blue Beetle's Conrad Carapax?

With Conrad Carapax obviously being a major antagonist in the upcoming Blue Beetle film, it is important to get to know the character a little bit as the release date for the movie inches closer.

In the comics, Conrad Carapax was an archeologist-turned-villain due to an unfortunate experience that resulted in his death.

Carapax's death resulted from him coming across a fully indestructible giant robot when he was on an archeological expedition. When he found this robot, it ultimately malfunctioned and killed him.

However, Carapax's mind then became a part of the machinery, and that is when he truly became Carapax the Indestructible Man.

The character ultimately came face-to-face with the second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, who defeated him by making him sink to the bottom of the ocean. However, he returned from the depths and continued going after Ted.

Since the upcoming Blue Beetle movie will be centered around Jamie Reyes, who is the third Blue Beetle in the comics, it is likely that Carapax's backstory will be similar to the way it is in the source material.

It is also important to remember that the previously mentioned Victoria Kord was confirmed to be the sister of Ted Kord. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how her relationship with Carapax will be considering her brother and the Indestructible Man were frequent opponents.

Blue Beetle is set to arrive in theaters on August 18.

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