Watch Batgirl's Viral 'Leaked' Movie Trailer That's Hilariously Fake

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Batgirl Trailer

It has been weeks since the cancellation of the DCEU Batgirl film, and fans are still reeling. The project was set to star Leslie Grace as the titular Caped Crusader as she took on the villainous Firefly (played by Brendan Fraser) while under the tutelage of Micheal Keaton's Bruce Wayne.

It was a movie that many were eagerly awaiting, but was ultimately scrapped as a part of a larger retooling of Warner Bros.' on-screen efforts. Now, audiences sit wondering if they will ever see anything from the project. One of the directors of Batgirl, Bilall Fallah, said it is unlikely the DC faithful will ever get a glimpse of the project as "Everything [to do with the film is] gone."

But that has not stopped some enterprising fans from putting their own spin on the title - and doing so in a pretty convincing fashion. 

Batgirl Gets a Trailer

Batgirl movie trailer
Corridor Digital

YouTube channel Corridor Digital released their take on a "leaked" Batgirl trailer mere weeks after the project was canceled at Warner Bros. Discovery. 

The video is entirely fan-made, but offers convincing looks at Leslie Grace's Batgirl, Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, and Branden Fraser's Firefly, all with fairly high-level effects and costumes. 

Batgirl fake movie trailer
Corridor Digital

This comes weeks after the Corridor team tweeted out asking for help in securing a "Michael Keaton Batman and a 2022 Batgirl costume either for Rent or Purchase" in the LA area. Well, it seems the team did lock down the outfits, as they seem to appear in the fan-made trailer. 

See the full video below:

Will the World Ever See Batgirl?

At this point, it certainly feels like fans will never see at least this version of Batgirl. As the directors of the project have said, there is nothing left from their time in the DCEU, and all records of the film have been wiped from WB hard drives.

But that will not stop ambitious fans from creating projects like the trailer above. Stuff like this serves as both a proof of concept for what could have been and a tribute to a movie that is lost to time. 

And who is to say that this won't inspire others to focus on something more full-length for the character? If a team like Corridor were to put their heads down, it certainly seems like they could put together a pretty exciting Batgirl film. 

While it may seem like a pie-in-the-sky idea at this point if Warner is ever going to take on a Batgirl project again, then they will need to see the demand for it, and it is supporting projects like this that could help potentially turn that tide. 

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