DC Reveals First Look at Live-Action Batgirl Movie Costume (Photo)

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Batgirl, Leslie Grace

As part of a massive year of content coming in the DC Extended Universe, Warner Bros. is actively working to prepare the upcoming Batgirl movie for its exclusive release on HBO Max. Featuring Leslie Grace in the leading role under Ms. Marvel directors Adil El Arbi and Bill Fallah, Batgirl will be yet another addition to the Caped Crusader’s growing legacy within the DCEU.

As filming moves further along for this unique DC release, fans are getting a look at exciting developments from the set regarding Barbara Gordon’s first live-action solo movie. From Michael Keaton’s potential appearance as Batman to hints about Brendan Fraser’s Firefly, this solo story is gaining plenty of momentum as an anticipated new entry.

Through all the leaks and rumors, one thing fans haven't seen yet is the new suit that Grace will don as she becomes her own version of the Gotham-based bat hero in her streaming debut. Now, Grace herself answered that question with a full first look at the costume on social media.

Leslie Grace Shows Full Batgirl Suit

Batgirl star Leslie Grace took to Instagram to share the first official look at her Barbara Gordon's superhero costume from the upcoming HBO Max movie. The suit and mask bear a purple color scheme along with a gold bat symbol and trimming on the cape.

Grace also included a classic quote from a classic Batgirl comic:

“I use their expectations against them. That will be their weakness. Not mine. Let them all underestimate me… And when their guard is down, and their pride is rising, let me kick their butts.”

- Batgirl, Year One 

The full picture can be seen below:

Leslie Grace Batgirl

The first part of Leslie's quote comes from Batgirl: Year One (2003) - Issue #1 as she takes down a martial arts opponent in front of her.

Batgirl Year 1
DC Comics

The second half of the quote comes from the very same comic issue of Batgirl as she swings away from a group of on-looking criminals.

Batgirl Year One
DC Comics


Grace Donning the Classic Batgirl Look

Although Batgirl has sported numerous looks in the comics and in other media, her most iconic costume is the one that features the purple and gold color scheme seen most often throughout the years. DC and Warner Bros are taking inspiration from that classic look for Batgirl's first-ever live-action story, ensuring she looks as comic-accurate as possible.

Complete with a utility belt and a thigh holster, Grace's outfit looks well-equipped to handle whatever she may have to deal with on her journey to become a superhero. Fans will have to wait to see exactly how this suit comes into play and how Barbara Gordon makes it, but from this first glance, Warner Bros. looks to be heading in the right direction in the costume department.

Now, filming continues on Grace's Batgirl as Warner Bros. keeps its release schedule a mystery. Although it's expected to make its debut sometime in 2022 alongside other HBO Max entries like Peacemaker, there is plenty of hype building to see this young new hero enter the fray among DC's superhero all-stars.

Batgirl is currently filming and will release on HBO Max sometime in 2022.

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