First Look at Ezra Miller's New Flash Costume In Movie Merch (Photo)

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Ezra Miller The Flash movie costume

New images revealed a first look at Ezra Miller's Flash costume for his upcoming DCU epic. 

After a number of delays and more than its fair share of question marks, The Flash is finally set to hit theaters this June. 

The super-powered blockbuster marks the first solo film for DC's Scarlet Speedster, potentially adapting arguably the character's most famous comic book story.

The movie is set to introduce a whole lot of new to the DCU, including Michael Keaton's Batman, Sasha Calle's Supergirl, and even a second Flash. But with the incoming James Gunn and Peter Safran-led retooling of the franchise, it could all be for naught.

However, despite this possibly serving as an 'erasure' of the DCU's past, the blockbuster is still coming, and with it, a new look for its titular hero.

A First Look at the Flash

Nearly six months out from The Flash's release, fans got their first substantial look at Ezra Miller's new super suit that will be seen in the film. 

Revealed on a The Flash-themed Bluetooth speaker (via Mikhail Villarreal on Twitter) now available at Walmart, Miller's Barry Allen can be seen in new Flash armor. 

The Flash 1

This detailed peek marks the first in-depth look at the costume from official merchandise, showing off the Scarlet Speedster's new red and gold outfit. 

The costume features the character's iconic lightning bolts and helmet, with glowing veins of energy throughout. 

The Flash 2

While the last few looks for Miller's DCU hero have been more rigid and armor-based, this costume seems to be more akin to a neoprene dive suit, likely offering more flexibility than seen before. 

Breaking Down the New Flash Suit

After years of seeing Ezra Miller's Flash sporting plates of armor, this is an interesting direction for the team behind The Flash to take this hero's look. 

Instead of a look ready for combat, this new costume feels more like one ready to traverse the Multiverse (something that will be a key part of the film). When it comes to the materials themselves, this new outfit feels similar to the costume Zachary Levi's Shazam wears in his DC films. 

As far as fans know, Ezra Miller is not going to be going up against a bruting villain like Steppenwolf in The Flash, so something a little more streamlined feels right for this movie. 

While not a perfect facsimile, this look feels like a mix of two particular Flash looks from the past: Wally West's New 52 costume and the Injustice 2 Flash.

Wally West Flash Suit
DC Comics

Of course, there are differences, but the glowing veins feel very Wally West. The headpiece is different, and there is no use of blue, but those pulsating lines of energy scream New 52 Flash. 

Injustice 2 Flash
Netherrealm Studios

And the helmet and general silhouette scream Injustice 2. The material here almost perfectly matches that from DC's famed fighting franchise. And the glistening gold of the lightning bolts on the helmet looks awfully similar to that seen on this The Flash merch shot.

It's distinctly unique, yet seems to draw inspiration from the character's storied comic book past. 

This new Barry Allen look can be seen when The Flash sprints into theaters on June 16, 2023.  

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