Kiersey Clemons Is 'So Happy' to 'Move On' from The Flash After Troubled Production (Exclusive)

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The Flash star Kiersey Clemons shared she is "so happy" to "move on" from the DC film's troubled production.

Clemons was announced as the first choice to play Iris West back in 2016 when Rick Famuyiwa was set to direct. Over the years, many things about the film changed, leading to what fans eventually got in 2023.

Previously, the actress admitted in an interview with Nylon, the "whole thing made [her] cry more than it made [her] smile."

Now, Clemons is starring in Monarch: A Legacy of Monsters for Apple TV+, and she is ready for the next chapter in her career.

Kiersey Clemons Is Ready to Move On

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In an exclusive interview with The Direct's Russ Milheim, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters and The Flash star Kiersey Clemons shared thoughts about her experience on the Scarlet Speedster's big solo outing.

Now that the movie is out, and there's some distance since its release, the actress noted she is happy to be able to "move on" from the DC, and that she's now "part of another universe" she "like[s] a lot:"

"I feel like I am so happy that I can move on from it and not answer questions about it anymore. That was years of my life. And that season is over. You know what I mean? And I'm also part of another universe now. And I like it a lot over here."

That other universe is Legendary's MonsterVerse, thanks to her role as May in the new Apple TV+ Monarch series.

May is one of the key protagonists of the show who is swept up into an unexpected conspiracy following the events of 2014's Godzilla.

But, as for her role as Iris West, is she done with the character for good? Clemons made it clear that "[she doesn't] make those decisions," and that she "wish[es] that [she] could have done more" as her DC character:"

"I don't make those decisions. I love being Iris West. I wish that I could have done more being Iris West. There's no part of me that does not appreciate that I got the honor of being cast as Iris, but now I'm May. And there are no superheroes. There's monsters now."

Kiersey Clemons' New Chapter

Given the general reception of The Flash, Kiersey Clemons is not the only one ready to move on.

With James Gunn's big DCU reboot just around the corner, Ezra Miller's take on the character and the universe around them will almost certainly be a thing of the past.

However, out of all the problems the movie had, Clemons was not one of them. So it's great to hear that she doesn't hate the character or anything like that.

As the actress herself mentioned, no matter what happens with the DCU, her current focus is on a different cinematic universe: the MonsterVerse. Currently, Godzilla and his titan friends are her world, not superheroes.

So far, critics and audiences seem to be digging the show. Perhaps some of its cast might crossover for next year's Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire when it releases on April 12, 2024.

The Flash is now streaming on Max, while Monarch: Legacy of Monsters can be seen streaming on Apple TV+.

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