The Flash Reveals Rejected Ezra Miller Costume They Should've Kept (Photos)

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Fans just got a look at a new costume for Ezra Miller's Barry Allen from The Flash - one that possibly should have been the suit for the movie.

Supersuits are an important topic of conversation in every superhero movie from this era, particularly with almost every new movie bringing a new suit variation for its respective leading hero.

This was exactly what Warner Bros. did for Ezra Miller in The Flash as well, bringing a couple of new suits for the two alternate versions of Barry Allen, although they appear to have had some better options on the table.

The Flash Suit Warner Bros. Should Have Used

Concept artist Jerad S. Marantz shared a piece of art depicting a different version of Ezra Miller's supersuit from The Flash which looked much better than the finalized design from the movie.

This suit brings a darker red color and a more comic-accurate Flash logo on Miller's chest, complete with more simplistic and symmetrical lightning patterns over the legs, sides, and gauntlets.

Flash suit
DC Studios

The helmet boasts a sliver of gold plating near the ears along with lightning shapes running across the area of Miller's head where the temples are.

Flash suit
DC Studios

Additionally, the mask boasts a few more small cutout areas, with a pointed section being seen on the cheekbone and a little more material coming up over Miller's chin.

Flash suit
DC Studios

This look is much more straightforward than the one used in The Flash, which had more random bright lines flowing all over the top of the suit and glowed as Miller ran. 

The new suit becomes something a little easier on the eyes with a more symmetrical pattern, and it doesn't have nearly as much lightning running all across the fabric.

Flash suit
DC Studios

It even becomes a better take on the suit than the one seen in both Justice League movies, which used a more armor-like feel with unique plating placed all over Miller's body.

Flash suit
DC Studios

It also looks much more similar to the one that Grant Gustin used in The CW's The Flash from the Arrowverse, although Gustin's suit didn't have any kind of lightning on it whatsoever other than his belt.

Flash suit
DC Studios, The CW

Will The Flash Be Seen Again Anytime Soon?

With plans for The Flash 2 almost certainly being abandoned as DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran plan out their new DC Universe, it could be a long time until any new version of the Flash is seen on the big screen.

It's especially unlikely as well that fans will see this specific version of the suit not only because of the DCEU ending but also with Miller's long-standing legal issues that could bring his time as the DC character to an end.

Now, the big question is when and where Gunn and Safran will decide to bring this hero back to life, especially with over half of Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters' slate still waiting to be revealed.

The Flash is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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