New Logo for Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie Officially Revealed

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Ezra Miller Flash, Batman

A new logo for DC's The Flash starring Ezra Miller has been revealed online. 

For a film that's all about time and superhero speedster, Ezra Miller's The Flash has been anything but on time. 

Following years of delays and recent drama, the long-awaited DCU solo flick will finally arrive in theaters in June 2023, bringing a number of anticipated cameos

However, despite having scored well in test screenings, its relevancy may be a problem due to, again, bad timing. 

Earlier this year, the merger of Warner Bros. Discovery signaled the end of the struggling DCU, which was followed by recent news that Peter Safran and James Gunn have been tasked with mapping out the future of DC Studios

Just how the two will address The Flash, if they do at all, remains to be seen. However, new evidence suggests that the studio hasn't forgotten about the film entirely.

New Logo for DC's The Flash

The Flash's Twitter account has revealed a brand-new logo for the upcoming 2023 film starring Ezra Miller.

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This change not only follows months of controversy and legal problems for Miller but also Gunn and Safran's leadership at DC Studios.

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This new logo is strikingly different than its predecessor, which was first revealed in 2021 at the start of filming

The latest incarnation has swapped the backdrop of the Scarlet Speedster's suit for that of a simple dark background. 

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In fact, the new design is much more muted in general with the only flashes of light being found around the first and last letters of the title.   

While movie logo changes aren't unusual, this one is particularly interesting, not only because of creative reorganization and this film's complications but because of how drastic the change is.

Again, this new artwork is much more subdued, not nearly as bright and recognizable as its first. 

The question now, of course, is why the change? 

Could it be that changes have been made to The Flash, as many suspected following Miller's public legal issues?

Are Gunn and Safran working on a way to incorporate elements from the film into their future vision for DC? 

At the moment, it's hard to say, especially since Gunn is still working on Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 which, ironically, debuts a few weeks ahead of The Flash

However, it seems unlikely given that Barry Allen's Scarlet Speedster didn't make Gunn and Safran's list of the 5 most important DC heroes

Also, the logo swap also comes on the heels of the film's first poster debut, which itself was understated, and news that the film's first trailer won't be seen until 2023

Hopefully, the studio's intentions for The Flash, and the reasons for adjusting its marketing, will become clearer heading into 2023. 

The Flash arrives in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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