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Warner Bros. has been trying to get The Flash off the ground for many years now, and it's finally set to arrive in theaters next summer. Unfortunately, viral controversy has been circulating for some time surrounding the illegal activity and mental state of Barry Allen himself, Ezra Miller.

With the studio now expected to call it quits with Miller after The Flash in pursuit of a new lead to continue the franchise into sequels and team-ups, fans have plenty of candidates for the DCEU's next speedster. Among the favorites to replace Miller has been The CW's Flash actor Grant Gustin, Dylan O'Brien, and Lucas Till.

But now, a new rumor emerged that may reveal who Warner Bros. hopes to become the next Flash, and many fans are loving the idea.

Ezra Miller's Potential Flash Replacement

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Following reports that Ezra Miller will be recast as The Flash after their DCEU solo movie amid controversy surrounding the actor, new rumors indicated who may be Warner Bros.' top choice to step into the role next.

According to insider MyTimeToShineHello, the studio has a shortlist of replacement actors for Barry Allen, with 1917's George MacKay at the top. Warner Bros. will reportedly decide who will ultimately secure the role after The Flash releases. Grace Randolph supported the claim that MacKay is Warner Bros.' top choice.

The GWW's KC Walsh followed up by noting the rumor is "kinda true but not final" as the studio will wait and see the "public perception around release" before deciding whether to recast, with its preference being to keep Miller:

"#TheFlash rumor going around is kinda true but not final, still just an idea, they are going to wait and see obviously, 8 months is a long time, Miller has a contract, it’ll depend on the public perception around release if they can get away with keeping Miller they will."

Rumors of the 1917 star taking over as The Flash were met with a wide variety of reactions, including @totallykylez, who called him a "badass in every movie:"

"George MacKay as the flash would be amazing. he is badass in every movie."

@benningsjen took to the other end of the spectrum to share their hopes that MacKay "turns down The Flash:"

"Tonight I'm praying that George MacKay turns down The Flash. That is all."

@BattinsonMarvel praised the choice, calling him a "comic-accurate" choice:

"Love LOVE this choice. Comic accurate too."

@MK_Crofty also pointed out how MacKay "looks the part," as well as praising him as a "fantastic actor:"

"He’s a fantastic actor and he delivered a great performance in 1917. Looks the part too."

@TylerScott9412 suggested MacKay could instead play Wally West, another iteration of The Flash but still called him a "great choice:"

"Great choice! I think it would make sense for him to be Wally West but I think George McKay is a fantastic actor. 1917 was incredible!"

Many fans also shared their own fan casts for Ezra Miller's Flash replacement, with the most popular including Lucas Till, Rudy Pankow, Dylan O'Brien, and bringing Grant Gustin into the DCEU after playing the role for nine years on The CW.

When Will Ezra Miller Be Recast as The Flash?

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In order to preserve the potential success of The Flash, any decision on a recast will undoubtedly be saved until well after the speedster epic hits theaters. Unfortunately, this means whoever replaces Ezra Miller will unlikely step into the suit as a result of the movie's time travel chaos but instead just a simple recast.

But with Warner Bros.' expected to delay a decision on Miller until after The Flash, there remains a possibility the controversial star will stick around. After all, the eight months left until release still leaves plenty of time for the situation surrounding Miller to die down and fall out of the forefront of the public eye.

Provided Miler stays out of trouble - and prison as he faces a potential 20 years for felony burglary charges - The Flash may not mark the end of their DCEU tenure. Test screenings have already claimed Miller delivers a stellar performance in the long-awaited solo epic, so Warner Bros.' will undoubtedly be eager to keep them.

However, if push comes to shove and Miller has to be recast, the majority of the fandom likely wouldn't object as the actor continues to be a divisive figure. Reactions to George MacKay as a contender appear generally positive, with many pointing out his acting ability and comic-accurate Barry Allen look.

With Warner Bros. recently reported to have already begun development on The Flash 2, indicating real faith in the first outing, the wait may not be too long to see Miller's replacement step into the suit. Although a recast may ultimately delay sequel plans as the studio opts to leave some time between portrayals.

The Flash hits theaters on June 23, 2023.

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