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The Flash Fans React to Ezra Miller Controversy With Replacement Hopes (Grant Gustin & More)

Flash Ezra Miller recast DC Warner Bros
By Richard Nebens

Warner Bros. continues to deal with one controversy after another - an uncomfortable number of them stemming from the DC Extended Universe. On top of the repercussions from Aquaman star Amber Heard's civil court case against Johnny Depp, The Flash's leading actor Ezra Miller is in their own universe of trouble, personally and professionally.

Most recently, news hinted that Warner Bros. was close to being finished with Miller's Flash after multiple troublesome public incidents from the past few years. After posting a barrage of worrisome memes on their Instagram page and subsequently deleting the page altogether, reports hinted that the studio is ready to cut ties with Miller following the release of The Flash next June.

While plans for the DC Extended Universe's future remain unclear due to the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, the Flash could be one of the biggest up-for-grabs roles in recent cinematic history.

Now, fans have shared their feelings about who they want to see as the Scarlet Speedster when the hero returns to the big screen in future stories.

Fans Share Replacement Options for Ezra Miller’s Flash

Following the news revealing that Warner Bros. is looking to cut ties with Ezra Miller as the DCEU's Flash, fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on who should take over the role.

Near the top of the list is Grant Gustin, who has more than a decade of experience in the role already. He's played Barry Allen on The CW's The Flash since 2014, boasting nearly 200 episodes of work as DC's Scarlet Speedster in various shows across the Arrowverse.

Grant Gustin, The CW
The CW

@Lord_Chancellor sees Gustin as "the super obvious solution" to this problem due to his already established work as a great version of the character:

"The super obvious solution to this is to use multiversal 'stuff' to replace Ezra Miller with Grant Gustin, an already well established and excellent Flash."

@AXEtheMercenary suggested taking that casting a step further and replacing Miller with Gustin before The Flash even premieres in theaters:

"Just recast Grant Gustin as Barry in The Flash movie so it can actually be released."

@_TaeInfinite wants to see the DCEU throw Gustin's Flash into the story but as an older hero from another universe with the new movies happening in a "Post-CW" timeline:

"I’m not even sure what they’re doing anymore nor care. Ezra just made things worst for them. What I would do: You could throw in Grant Gustin’s Flash into the DCEU but make him a older, multiverse hero. Everything about him in the these movies will take place “Post-CW” years.

Lucas Till found his way into the mix as another popular choice for the Flash amongst fans. Along with his leading role in CBS' MacGyver reboot, he also played Alex Summer/Havoc in the first three X-Men prequel films from 2011 to 2016 for 20th Century Fox.

Lucas Till, 20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

@MAHMUDS67392274 shared an image of Till along with a comic book image of the Flash, calling Till "perfect for Flash/Barry Allen."

@olivermovies_ sees "no better option" than Till if and when the Flash is recast within the DCEU:

"If Ezra Miller gets recast as The Flash, I see no better option than Lucas Till"

@rhapsodyblueva referenced the idea of Gustin taking the role while admitting that they see Till as the perfect option to use as Miller's replacement:

"People really want Grant Gustin as the Flash in the DCEU while I’m here thinking about how perfect Lucas Till would be in the role."

Dylan O'Brien makes the list for fans after excelling as an action star in The Maze Runner trilogy:

Dylan O'Brien, 20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

@bodhiseedmel shared a photoshopped image of O'Brien as the Flash in full costume, urging Warner Bros. to "Cast Dylan O'Brien as The Flash!"

@joshknottfayle shared his own internal vision of the Flash's future, in which the new solo movie ends with Barry Allen waking up in bed and looking in the mirror only to see Dylan O'Brien's face:

"The Flash is going to end with Barry waking up in his bedroom and reacting with shock as he looks in the mirror and is now Dylan O’Brien."

After making a name for himself on Netflix's hit sensation Stranger Things, Dacre Montgomery entered discussions among fans about who should play the Flash. He also appeared in oddsmakers' choices to play the Human Torch in Marvel Studios' eventual Fantastic Four movie.

Dacre Montgomery, Netflix

@KevinTalks12 shared his own vision of Montgomery in the role, asking his followers if they saw it too:

Do y’all see the vision of Dacre Montegomery as The Flash/Barry Allen with me?

@TombstonOnsight described Montgomery as "the perfect recast" for the role considering Ezra Miller's situation, while also sharing the hashtag #RestoreTheSnyderVerse:

"Dacre Montgomery would be the perfect recast for Barry Allen/ The Flash in light of everything going on with Ezra Miller and the continuation with the DCEU"

The list closes out with Austin Butler, who most recently played the leading role of Elvis Presley in this year's Elvis. He also has three episodes of work on Arrow from 2014 and 2015, and he's part of the extensive cast for Dune: Part Two.

Austin Butler, Focus Features
Focus Features

@Faraz39011590 fantasied about the idea of recasting the DCEU's Flash with Butler in the role:

"Ok i was just thinking what if dceu recast flash and new actor name will be Austin butler."

Who Will Replace Ezra Miller as the Flash?

Warner Bros. is in an incredibly difficult position thanks to the controversy surrounding Ezra Miller, with the next year being crucial for the company's public image as The Flash prepares for its release. With Miller's time in the role appearing to be near an end, a recast may be inevitable if the company wants to continue putting the Flash on the big screen.

Currently, there are no other appearances set for Miller as the Flash after next year's solo movie, and there are no other confirmed release dates for any DCEU projects after that time either. If and when Warner Bros. looks for a replacement for the actor is a mystery at this point, but it's a conversation that will certainly take place over the coming weeks and months with Miller still in a negative light.

Currently, The Flash is set to release in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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