The Flash 2: Warner Bros. Now Developing Sequel to Ezra Miller Movie

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The Flash 2: Warner Bros

The DCEU is in a major state of flux! Over the last 18 months, there have more questions than answers. Stars have been swamped in legal battles (i.e. The Flash's Ezra Miller), projects have been canceled, and entire regime shifts have shifted the overall content strategy to its core. 

Ever since CEO David Zaslav took over after the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, the studio has begun to dissect its costumed efforts on both the small and big screen. This has come with the crafting of a "ten-year plan" for the DCEU.

One thing that has remained fairly constant throughout all of this though has been the idea that the studio was adamant it would release the long-gestating The Flash. Despite the film's star being awash in legal troubles, WB has been committed to putting out the movie. And turns out the studio has even bigger plans for the Scarlet Speedster on the big screen. 

The Flash 2 in Development

The Flash, Ezra Miller

The Hollywood Reporter revealed in a new report that a script for a sequel to The Flash has been written and a The Flash 2 is on the way. 

Aquaman screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick has penned the reported sequel script, and little else is known about the project.

Does a The Flash 2 Make Sense?

For years, The Flash 2 has felt like it was going to happen, however, that all changed when the project's star Ezra Miller got themselves seeped in trouble with the law. This development actually had some fans asking for Warner Bros. Discovery to outright cancel the film (like they did with Batgirl). 

Who knows if this is the case now, but at one point The Flash was supposed to serve as somewhat of a reset for the DCEU, ushering in a new era for the franchise, and moving along with a new lineup of heroes with a few key personalities staying behind. 

With The Flash 2 already in development perhaps that reset strategy is still in place. Maybe the first Flash film will actually be the Iron Man of this new era of the DCEU. 

What is fascinating to note is that it seems WB has been sitting on this script for some time. Usually, in cases such as this, it comes with the news that a writer is just getting set to write the script for the project, but it seems The Flash 2's script is already done. 

This feels like something Warner Bros. had no clue what to do with, having any number of meetings about whether to move forward with a Flash sequel or not. But after the studio seemingly made the decision to move on from Miller after The Flash, they likely made gave The Flash 2 the green light with a new lead in tow. 

The Flash is set to speed into cinemas worldwide on June 23, 2023. 

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