Is DC Cancelling Ezra Miller's Flash Future Plans?

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Flash Ezra Miller

Given the lackluster response to DC's latest movie, The Flash, and the numerous circumstances surrounding that film, some are wondering if DC Studios is cancelling Ezra Miller's future plans as the character.  

After nearly a decade in the making, Ezra Miller's solo Flash movie is finally in theaters, and to say it did not light the world on fire would be an understatement and a half. 

The film received middling reviews from critics (currently sitting at 64% on Rotten Tomatoes), and could stand to lose more than $200 million dollars after its extensive marketing campaign and relative lack of box office returns. 

Leading into this release, it was noted that despite controversies surrounding Miller, Warner Bros. (who is about to embark on a partial reboot within the franchise) was at least interested in exploring a future with the actor beyond The Flash, but that may no longer be in the works. 

What DC Had Planned for Ezra Miller's Flash

Flash Movie Ezra Miller

Prior to the release of The Flash, it seemed Warner Bros. had some pretty grand plans for Ezra Miller's scarlet speedster.

Yes, bringing in James Gunn and Peter Safran to shepherd the franchise may have put those plans into question, but it still seemed like the actor was only just getting started in the role. 

Last October (before the Gunn/Safran takeover was announced), it was revealed that The Flash 2 was in development at the studio with a script having already been written. 

Reportedly (via The Hollywood Reporter), former DC Films head Walter Hamada had initially planned for Miller's super-speedy solo debut to be followed up by said sequel, then moving on to a film based on the beloved 1980s DC Comics storyline Crisis on Infinite Earths

Ezra Miller, Flash

However, all that came into question after Ezra Miller (star of The Flash) became embroiled in a swath of legal troubles. 

Over the course of 2022, the DC actor accumulated quite the rap sheet, being charged with felony burglary, second-degree assault, and harassment.

In the lead-up to The Flash's debut, Warner Bros. remained fairly tight-lipped on Miller's legal troubles. 

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn offered a non-commital answer to Miller's DC future, saying, "We’re just gonna have to wait and see."

Gunn's DC Studios partner Peter Safran offered a similar sentiment, remarking, "Ezra [Miller] is fully committed to the recovery" and they would "have the conversation with them and decide what’s best for them" when the time was right with no promise the actor would be back.

The Biggest Bomb in Superhero Movie History

Flash, Justice League

Then there is the financial aspect of The Flash. If Ezra MIller's super-speed blockbuster had lit the world on fire, raking in the cash at the box office, then one could see a world in which Warner Bros. put Miller's recent issues aside and fast-tracked a sequel. 

That, however, did not happen. The movie's opening was less than ideal, earning a meek $55 million domestically. 

From there, the movie suffered a 72.5% drop in ticket sales between its first and second weekend and another 62.5% drop from its second to third weekend. 

Given the movie's reported $220 million budget and nearly Warner's $150 million promotional push for the film, The Flash will likely lose over $200 million for the studio. 

This $200 million loss would make the movie the biggest superhero movie flop of all time, as well as the biggest box office bust in Warner Bros.'s 100-year history

These financial indicators point to Warner Bros. and DC Studios getting out of the Ezra Miller business, letting the Flash rest for a while, and recasting the role if the studio wants to make another Flash film somewhere down the line. 

The Flash is playing in theaters worldwide now. 

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