The Flash Movie Budget Is One of the Most Expensive In DC Superhero History

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The Flash's budget has finally been revealed, and it is unsurprisingly expensive. 

As its theatrical release inches closer, The Flash experienced many delays on top of the headline-making controversies from its lead star. 

Despite that, the hype for the Ezra Miller-led DC movie has been high in the past weeks, especially after rousing reviews from critics since it made its premiere at this year's CinemaCon. 

How Much Was The Flash Movie Budget?

The Flash, Ezra Miller

The Canadian shared in a report that The Flash's budget is "roughly" $220 million, making it one of DC's most expensive movies ever. 

The Flash's $220 million budget is the 6th-highest budgeted movie under the DC banner. At this point, Justice League still holds the record for the most expensive movie ever with a budget of $300 million.

Last year, Black Adam made headlines when it was revealed that its approved $190 million budget increased to $260 million after 20 days of reshoots. This came after additional photography was deemed necessary after initial test screenings went poorly. 

The full list can be seen below:

Will The Flash Redeem the DCEU in the Box Office?

The Flash's expensive budget isn't surprising due to the expected sheer amount of cameos and an insane number of visual effects of the Multiverse-sized adventure for Ezra Miller's Scarlet Speedster. 

This is on top of The Flash editor Paul Machliss' previous reveal about the movie using the latest kind of technology that allowed them to create "multiple versions of the same actor on the screen" differently than other movies that have done similar things. 

Given all the hype, the expectations, and the movie's expensive budget, there is immense pressure for The Flash to deliver at the box office. 

However, the feeling of nostalgia of seeing Michael Keaton's Batman return to the big screen combined with references to the larger DC Multiverse and the critics' praise toward Miller's performance in the film despite the controversy might be more than enough boost to put The Flash at the top of the box office. 

The Flash is set to premiere in theaters on June 16. 

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