The Flash Movie Producer Responds to Ezra Miller Replacement Rumors

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The Flash, Ezra Miller

The producers of the latest DCU movie, The Flash, responded to rumors regarding a potential replacement actor taking over for Ezra Miller as the Flash.

The Flash saw more controversy than nearly any comic-book movie in history over the last few years, largely due to the continuous issues surrounding its leading star, Ezra Miller, prior to the film's long-awaited release.

The stories surrounding the troubled leading man are well known as The Flash finally hits theaters, with rumors even hinting at Warner Bros. potentially having looked at replacement options to take over for Miller during this very movie.

And with many fans actually supporting that idea and offering their own ideas for who should replace Miller, The Flash remained in the spotlight for disheartening reasons for months throughout the entire situation.

The Flash Producers on Ezra Miller Replacement Rumors

The Flash, Ezra Miller

Speaking with MovieMaker, The Flash producers Barbara and Andy Muschietti (who also directed the movie) discussed the rumors centered on Warner Bros. possibly replacing Ezra Miller as the Flash during production.

When asked if it ever felt like the movie was falling apart with Miller in the news so often, Barbara made it clear that she and the team "put [their] head down" and worked hard on the movie even though they "take that stuff very seriously:"

MovieMaker: "I’m going to address the elephant in the room before we go into more details about the movie: Did it ever feel like 'The Flash' was falling apart when Ezra was in the news last year?"

Barbara Muschietti: "No, you know, as filmmakers, you have to put your head down and just do your work. Of course, we take that stuff very seriously, but we were focusing on the movie."

Andy confirmed the team's belief in the movie from day one, explaining that their love and trust for it "only grew" as production and editing moved forward:

"We really believed in the movie from the beginning. Over the course of two years, our confidence grew higher as the script was developed, as actors started falling into place, as the execution started to happen in production, and in the edit. Our love and confidence and trust of this movie only grew."

When asked if reshoots to replace Miller as Barry Allen ever considered, Barbara explained that it "would have been absolutely impossible," even noting that she and the team laughed when the news about Miller being replaced came out:

MovieMaker: "Did you ever consider doing reshoots without Ezra?"

Barbara: "No, it would have been absolutely impossible. When we started reading in the news that Ezra would be replaced, we laughed, because we didn’t know where it came from. That rumor definitely didn’t come from us or the studio."

Will Ezra Miller Continue as The Flash?

Currently, The Flash stands as one of the final movies in the former DC Extended Universe before James Gunn and Peter Safran bring their new slate of projects that will comprise Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters in the next few years.

And considering the issues surrounding Miller along with the disastrous start at the box office and in reviews that The Flash has had in its first weekend, the chances of Miller reprising their role don't seem high for the time being.

Rumors had actually pointed to a script for The Flash 2 already being written in late 2022, focusing heavily on Michael Keaton's Batman and Sasha Calle's Supergirl, although Miller's status in the film wasn't confirmed in that script.

Right around when The Flash hit theaters, another report indicated some of the milestones that the film had to hit to get a sequel greenlit as well, which included its total box office revenue coming in the range of the $770 million that The Batman made globally in 2022.

Currently, those goals look like quite a long shot, as The Flash only made $70 million domestically in its opening weekend with the chances being low that it will have steady enough legs to reach The Batman-level numbers.

While anything could still happen, Miller's time as the Flash could come to an end following their disappointing solo movie's arrival.

The Flash is now playing in theaters worldwide.

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