The Flash 2 Sequel Will Happen Under One Condition (Report)

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The Flash 2 might still happen with Ezra Miller, provided one condition is met.

The Flash may have just sped its way into theaters, but reports indicated a sequel may already be in the works despite the controversy involving star Ezra Miller.

A script was reportedly finished by last October by Aquaman writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick as opposed to The Flash scribe Christina Hodson.

Many believed the script to be abandoned as James Gunn prepares to begin a rebooted DCU with mainly new actors, but it seems not all hope is lost.

Will DC Studios Greenlight The Flash 2?

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A new report from The Wrap revealed that despite the plans for a DCU reboot that have been formed since The Flash 2 script was written last year, the sequel remains on the table under one critical condition.

According to The Wrap's insiders with knowledge of the project, The Flash has to pass the box office test and financially succeed before Warner Bros. greenlights the potential sequel.

The Flash is currently tracking for an opening of around $70 million domestically, however, the movie will reportedly need to come close to The Batman's $770 million total - which opened at $129 million - for a sequel to be on the table.

But that's not to say The Flash couldn't have the legs to reach that high bar, as 2018's Aquaman opened to just $67 million and went on to accrue a worldwide total of $1.14 billion due to its massive long-term success overseas.

However, as even Warner Bros. reportedly blames the imminent DCU reboot, partly, for the failure of Shazam 2, The Flash may be doomed to suffer the same fate and thus never spawn a sequel.

Fans will have to wait and see how The Flash performs at both the domestic and worldwide box office, as those results will seemingly be the deciding factor in the chances of an Ezra Miller sequel.

Will Ezra Miller Return in The Flash 2?

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As The Flash star Ezra Miller continues to be the subject of controversy after facing arrests for disorderly conduct, harassment, and even pleading guilty to felony burglary, one has to wonder what future they may have with DC. 

At one point, Warner Bros. was reported to be weighing a variety of options from The Flash, ranging from canceling the movie altogether to continuing as normal with Miller just taking a reduced role in the movie's marketing and press tour. 

The actor has since issued a statement on their recovery noting their "complex mental health issues," and Miller has since reportedly had a "very positive meeting" with Warner Bros. executives.

All of these signs point to a recovering Ezra Miller, and reports claimed this has led to Warner Bros. executives being open to them sticking around as The Flash.

Director Andy Muschietti has already been clear that "if [The Flash 2] happens" under his watch, Miller will return as the lead, particularly praising the performance they delivered and their commitment to the role. 

Speaking on the chances of Miller returning as Barry Allen, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn appeared to offer a much less definitive "wait and see" answer in April, perhaps indicating how their future may hinge on the success of The Flash.

What Will Happen in The Flash 2?

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News that a script for The Flash 2 had been written was first reported in October 2022, with the story hailing from Aquaman screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick instead of The Flash scribe Christina Hodson.

Regarding the story, both Sasha Calle's Supergirl and Michael Keaton's Batman were reportedly involved in the script as guest stars, although that was written before the movie's ending was changed to remove the pair.

Andy Muschietti recently threw out a few ideas for the Flash's next foe in an interview with The Playlist including Reverse Flash, The Turtle, and Gorilla Grodd, but it's unclear if these were personal hopes or coming from the sequel script.

With the DCU setting course for a fully-fledged reboot, The Flash 2, if it were to happen, may well be placed under the Elseworlds brand of projects outside of the main connected universe, potentially allowing a way to continue exploring some of the DCEU's more popular heroes in a smaller way.

As the goal behind James Gunn's DCU appears to be a fresh start, it would be surprising to see Ezra Miller's Flash in the new universe. But perhaps he may get to continue having adventures of his own elsewhere in the Multiverse, similar to how The Batman franchise will continue standalone alongside the reboot.

The Flash is playing now in theaters worldwide.

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