Ezra Miller's The Flash Recovery Receives Promising Update

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Ezra Miller, Barry Allen, The Flash

After seemingly tolerating two years of controversial behavior from The Flash actor Ezra Miller, it appeared that Warner Bros. Discovery had enough. 

Miller finally made a public statement recently, saying they were seeking recovery for their "complex mental health issues" and even had plans for a meeting with studio executives.

It appears that, despite concerning data showing the public's poor perception of Miller and their actions, that meeting was a promising one. But will it be enough for Ezra Miller to stick around as the titular hero after the movie is released next year?

Ezra Miller's Barry Bounces Back

Flash Ezra Miller

According to Entertainment Weekly, Ezra Miller and their agent, Scott Metzger, had a "very positive meeting" on Wednesday, August 24 with new Warner Bros. Discovery executives Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy.

The Hollywood Reporter mentioned that the meeting focused on Miller's continued commitment to The Flash while also "[apologizing] for bringing negative attention to the production and the company."

Recovery Possible for The Flash?

According to recent survey data, much of Ezra Miller's past behavior is dead weight dangling from the movie and its impending release next year, but will this new strategy be enough to lift it out of controversy? At the moment, only time will tell if the data improves with almost a year until its release in theaters.

Another concern is whether Miller should be so easily forgiven after acting as a perpetrator in multiple controversies and potential crimes. But if they are actually seeking help for their "complex mental health issues," then it's a start.

However, there's plenty that hasn't been answered for by Miller, such as the choking incident caught on camera nearly two years ago. It doesn't help that Miller has been involved in multiple incidents involving minors with no follow-up clarification from the actor.

Hopefully, more context is given for their actions before The Flash is released in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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