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The first poster for Ezra Miller's The Flash has been revealed, showing off Barry Allen in full costume and hinting toward new abilities.

After being plagued with the controversy surrounding star Ezra Miller, The Flash will finally speed into theaters in June 2023 following years of delays. Although marketing has yet to fully begin ahead of the blockbuster release, fans have been treated to a few short snippets of footage at various events.

Nonetheless, moviegoers continue to be eager for that long-awaited trailer to debut, although reports indicate it may not be coming until 2023. This may be unfortunate news but it doesn't mean Warner Bros. doesn't have major marketing plans for The Flash ahead of that big push.

Flash Electrifying

For one, DC currently has a monthly series running, The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, which tells stories with the DCEU's Barry Allen in the lead-up to his 2023 solo outing. Aside from that, the first poster has now been released, offering a closer look at the new suit and a tease of new powers.

The Flash Shows Off New Powers in First Poster

Mikhail Villarreal debuted the first official poster for 2023's The Flash on Twitter, featuring Ezra Miller's speedster running into action in a comic book style.

The Flash Movie Poster

The poster includes the "Keep Phasing" tagline, referring to Flash's famous ability to phase through solid objects which he has yet to bring into the DCEU. However, Barry Allen did uncover this power in Issue 2 of The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive prequel comic to the upcoming solo movie

The DCEU's New and Improved Flash

Granted, The Flash may still be seven months away from theaters, provided further delays can be avoided, but this marks the first sign of marketing getting properly underway. That being said, the first trailer reportedly won't be coming until 2023 so fans should prepare for a long wait before seeing any significant footage.

Aside from the clear look at a more comic-accurate Flash design in this poster, the reference to his phasing ability is certainly intriguing. With this power having just been introduced for the first time in DCEU canon with the latest prequel comic, it may play heavily into The Flash.

Whatever the case, Warner Bros. is clearly eager to establish a more experienced and heroic Flash ahead of his solo debut. After the prequel comic has already seen him face new villains and garner more abilities, Barry Allen has certainly made some progress in his superhero career since 2017's Justice League.

The Flash hits theaters on June 23, 2023. 

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