Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie Reveals New Villain In Prequel Tie-In (Photos)

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Even amidst an incredible amount of turmoil stemming from Warner Bros. Discovery, next year will finally bring Ezra Miller's The Flash to life after years of delays and changes. And while there are still countless questions about how this movie will be promoted amidst the controversy surrounding Miller, there are an equal number of questions regarding what will actually happen in the movie itself.

The biggest thing that fans know about The Flash is its use of the Multiverse, which will bring back Michael Keaton's Batman from his 1989 and 1992 solo movies. He'll join forces with Miller's Barry Allen and even Ben Affleck's DCEU Batman, even with the story beats being largely kept under wraps for the time being.

Affleck's hero was also utilized in a prequel comic alongside the Flash, where the two Justice League members interact with one another for the first time since both versions of their team-up movie. 

Now, another prequel comic has expanded even further on the story, introducing fans to a new villain that will take the spotlight next to the Scarlet Speedster.

Flash Prequel Comic Highlights Terrifying Villain

Bleeding Cool revealed four pages from an upcoming The Flash prequel comic that show off one of the movie's upcoming villains named Girder.

Only introduced in DC Comics in 2001, steelworker Tony Woodward was thrown into a vault of molten steel after assaulting a female employee, turning him into a sort of living metal being.

DC Comics

The comic starts off with Ezra Miller's Barry Allen speeding through the streets in pursuit of his latest bad guy, who he takes down in quite brutal fashion as he smashes into a nearby cart.

The Flash Prequel Comic
DC Comics

Shortly after, Girder busts his way out of a nearby semi-truck, shocking Barry as he realizes that "the mob [is] packing a living steel wall."

The Flash Prequel Comic
DC Comics

Barry then tries to come at Girder by hitting the villain with everything he has, although it actually hurts Barry more than his opponent. The steel in Girder's body makes him nearly impervious to physical hits, with Barry even comparing it to "punching a wrecking ball."

The Flash Prequel Comic
DC Comics

The squad of goons then offers Girder triple their original rate for him if he kills the Flash, which he agrees to fairly quickly.

The Flash Prequel Comic
DC Comics

How Will Girder Play Into Ezra Miller's Flash?

With The Flash introducing a villain that's only been around in the comics during the 21st century, fans will be curious to find out how big of a role he actually plays in the plot. Combine that with the fact that this story is confirmed to traverse different corners of the Multiverse, and it becomes even less clear how this new villain will fit into the grand scheme.

This could end up being one of the antagonists from Barry Allen's home world that he's in the middle of fighting before he meets Michael Keaton's Batman and moves into other dimensions and timelines

There's also a slim chance that he will only be referenced minimally due to his role in this comic, although those questions likely won't be answered until The Flash moves closer to its release.

And even though this villain will be an interesting plot point to watch out for, there are countless other bigger questions that need resolution over the next year.

The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, will debut in theaters on June 23, 2023.

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