The Flash Movie Reveals New Looks at Ben Affleck's Batman In Prequel Comic

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Warner Bros. hasn't been having the best of luck recently with its big DCEU stars. While there's obviously all the Amber Heard drama, what's become an even bigger issue is Ezra Miller, who plays the live-action Barry Allen in the upcoming The Flash. The actor has gotten into trouble with authorities multiple times over the last few weeks, including twice in one month, and he's been accused of the potential grooming of a teen.

The situation has gotten so bad, that Warner Bros. doesn't seem to have any plans on working with the actor again as the character once The Flash is released and in theaters. Needless to say, Miller's days are numbered.

Recently, a new variant cover for The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1 was revealed via Gameradar which awkwardly showcased Miller's titular hero nude and having trouble pulling on his new suit. Not surprisingly, especially with the recent controversy surrounding the actor, the cover was pulled entirely.

The comic itself, however, is still going forward. Now, some new interior artwork has made its way online, where fans can get some more peaks of Ben Affleck's hero in action and The Flash zipping around doling out justice.

Ben Affleck and Barry's Suit

Ben Affleck, Batman, Flash

Thanks to Twitter user @TaurooAldebaransome, new artwork drawn by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz for The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #1 was revealed. The new panels highlight a few notable aspects of the story, including putting the spotlight on both Ezra Miller's Flash and Ben Affleck's Batman. 

The first panel showcases Miller's hero running through the streets and seemingly taking down a bad guy in a brutal fashion.

Flash, Batman, DCU

Fans can see Ben Affleck's Batman swinging through the city as he comes across Flash. It seems like his suit has taken quite a beating.

Flash Batman

This final set of panels has a lot more Batfleck to see, as he rides his Batcycle and helps stop the costumed criminal.

Flash Batman
DC Comics

It's hard not to bring attention to those abnormally long legs of Barry Allen. As for Batman himself, the suit looks like it will be more armored, akin to his Justice League appearance.

Batman, The Flash


Will Batman Save The Flash?

Many have wondered about the in-universe reason why Barry Allen will be getting a new suit in the upcoming movie, and now it seems they have their answer. Though they were likely hoping for something a little more interesting than the old suit simply getting damaged in battle—that said, it might be best to wait until the full comic lands before making any final conclusions.

With all of the headaches that Ezra Miller is giving Warner Bros., by the time marketing for the upcoming film starts, the studio may have to actually lean more into their Batmen to help the movie succeed—which completely sucks for the brand image of the Scarlet Speedster.

While Michael Keaton's return will almost certainly get far more attention; hopefully, The Flash will still be able to give Ben Affleck's Batman another chance to shine. After all, he does look great in these few snippets of comic action. Hopefully, his final farewell will be enough to satisfy his fans.

Though maybe those leaks end up being true, and Batfleck's days aren't as numbered as previously thought.

The Flash releases in theaters worldwide on June 23, 2023.

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