Ben Affleck Says His Batman Is Finally Done Right In The Flash

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In a few short months, Ben Affleck will be back in the cape and cowl as Batman, but not in his own Batman movie. Instead, Affleck will seemingly take up the role for the last time in The Flash. The Multiversal adventure is rumored to serve as a reset point for the DCEU, including Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne next Affleck as they team up with Ezra Miller's Barry Allen. 

The light-speed cinematic event has been a long time coming and DC fans are waiting with bated breath for every ounce of information on the movie they can get.

Miller's speedster - who grew to have quite the relationship with Batfleck in Justice League - will be sent on an adventure through reality, meeting Keaton's caped crusader from 1989's Batman, Supergirl, and an alternate version of Barry Allen himself

The Flash is still a few months away; however, its cast and crew have not been shy when it has come to give a quote about the project, and Ben Affleck is just the latest to offer a little bit of insight.

Ben Affleck Talks About The Flash

Flash and Batman

According to DCEU star Ben Affleck, The Flash - which sprints into theatres later this year - feature some of his "favorite scenes" he has done as Batman:

“I have never said this – this is hot off the presses – but maybe my favourite scenes in terms of Batman and the interpretation of Batman that I have done, were in the Flash movie.” 

In a recent interview with the Herald Sun, the veteran actor noted that working on the upcoming DC film was "really fun and really, really satisfying"  while also being "great and really interesting:"

 “I hope they maintain the integrity of what we did because I thought it was great and really interesting – different, but not in a way that is incongruent with the character. Who knows? Maybe they will decide that it doesn’t work, but when I went and did it, it was really fun and really, really satisfying and encouraging and I thought, ‘Wow – I think I have finally figured it out’.”

Affleck reiterated though that this is his last time slipping into the cape and cowl, saying that the film will "put a really nice finish on [his] experience with that character.”

The Flash Says Goodbye to Batfleck

So it seems - at least according to the man himself - that Ben Affleck is leaving the DCEU on a high note. After the disaster that was Justice League, it certainly felt like Affleck was just going to fade into the night as Bruce Wayne, never really getting to say goodbye to the role. Well, that doesn't seem to be the case. 

And the idea that Batfleck is getting to do his best work as the character in his final time as Gotham's Protector is kind of bittersweet. As a DC fan, the one quote that should sting the most is Affleck saying to himself "Wow – I think I have finally figured it out."

Here is this incredibly talented actor in Affleck as he takes on one of the most iconic characters ever and never really gets his due. And now he is just figuring it out. That is the sad part. Affleck's performance was never the glaring issue in these movies, with some even really liking his performance thus far. But the fact that he thinks he is giving it his best here, in what is expected to be this swan song, is somewhat disappointing to hear. 

So far it is looking like Ben Affleck will only be included in a small portion of The Flash, so what is it about this small amount of screen time that has the actor all excited about his performance? What will be bringing this movie that he did not in the past? 

Well, fans will have to find out when The Flash releases worldwide on November 4, 2022.

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